Comic greetings for the New Year 2022

Let the New Year be bright, bright!

Let the good Santa Claus bring
You have the desired gifts in the bag,
Who have become the subject of your dreams.

May luck smile soon,

The days and nights will be good!
Optimism, joy, enthusiasm!
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!

Congratulations on the New Year to my brother 2022

What will I wish my brother in the New Year?

To spoil the kids and my wife,
I wish a decent salary
And a bonus for work, but not one.

I wish you a pleasant leisure:

Fishing, barbecue and fire smoke.
To be treated with understanding by the spouse,
When you are in a hurry to catch you in the morning.

What more do I want? Fortune,

(Luck will not hurt anyone).
Let the strings
Funny congratulations on the New Year 2022

As soon as the clock strikes,

Pour the champagne, and then
Don’t slow down and don’t yawn — Make a hundred wishes!

Let it be this way and that,

Your dreams are not a trifle.
I wish you one thing —
More money for everything:

I wish you joy, fun,

Celebrate the holiday best of all,
But without problems and without a hangover,
Without noise, dust, without interference!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 to your beloved

I hasten to give you congratulations,

Wrapped in snowflakes with my head,
I wish you fulfillment in the New Year,
Everything that was previously a dream,

And I know for sure that dreams are big,

All are connected of course with me,
We will always be family with you,
Only yours and you are only mine!

New Year greetings with humor (the year of the water tiger 2022)

A wonderful, bright New Year

It brings light joy
We wish everyone around —
Only the house is full of happiness!

We won’t get tired of celebrating

And congratulate each other!
On this holiday — clean, bright,
Everyone is happy and friendly!

We all laugh and rejoice,

Having fun, dancing!
Renewing a glorious holiday —
Kind, joyful, wonderful!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 beloved

Happy New Year, my beloved,

The most gentle, the sweetest.
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
Affection and tenderness, I wish you happiness.

Be the most feminine, the most beautiful,

Kind, caring, bright and passionate!
Let our dreams come true.
Everything will come true when you are there!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 in your own words

All life is a game and in the New Year you need to place bets. I wish that in 2022 the roulette of a lucky chance would spin in the direction you need, there were trump cards of positivity, health and optimism in your hands, and all the bets made brought a huge win in the form of love, happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year and have

Happy New Year greetings to a friend 2022

Girlfriend, Happy New Year!

Let him bring you
A quiet road,
Luck in fate!

Let the sun shine

And always pleases,
And laughs fabulously,
And spoils, loving!

Let the snowflakes circle, The sparkling ice rings,

After all, despite the cold,
The New Year is coming to us!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 in prose

New Year is a wonderful fairy—tale holiday, with the smell of spruce, the explosion of firecrackers, the taste of champagne. And on this fabulous night, I would like to wish that all the wishes made under the chimes will definitely come true. Let the problems and adversities not affect you and your loved ones, and the house will be filled with happiness and cheerful laughter.

Happy New Year greetings to a friend 2022

Well, hold on, my friend! He is already on his way,

He leads many holidays,
He brings fun, festive mess
And there is no way to get away from it!

Let a miracle happen to you this year,

Be always cheerful, but with a sober head,
Don’t get tired of smiling at people,
And celebrate the New Year with this smile.

Short congratulations on the New Year 2022

In the New Year, I wish you happiness, endless goodness.

Let dreams and all desires
They are always executed!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 to mom

Happy New Year, my mom.

May the year be successful.
Become the happiest yourself.
What worries — let it pass.

Let your wonderful life be filled with light

Remember, Mommy, at the same time:
I love you very much!

New Year sms greetings with the year of the Water Tiger 2022

New plans and ideas,

New joyful ventures!
Let him give a New Year
A life where every day is lucky!

Happy New Year Greetings to Dad 2022

For Dad, I give congratulations:

Happy New Year, happy big holiday,
And I wish without any doubt,
That the year was new – bright, golden!

Let it always be at work, everything will be fine,

Well, at home, I promise
Everything will always be peaceful, friendly, okay,
I hug you Dad and I love you!

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 to colleagues

Happy New Year to you, colleagues,

Happiness, joy for everyone.
So that the work is argued,
So that success accompanies.

To have fun celebrating,

Every holiday that awaits us,
The mood to be enough,
All ahead for the whole year.

All doubts and problems,

Let him take the old year,
Well, we — to look into the distance,
May luck always be waiting.

Congratulations on the New Year 2022 to the team

Dear colleagues, a moment of attention,

I will tell everyone my wishes right now,
The New Year is near, already over the threshold,
We’re waiting for him, there’s not much left.
Take the glasses, we’ll celebrate right away.
I wish your children to obey you
Health to the family and happy moments,
Love, beauty and right decisions.
We’ve worked together, it’s great,
Thank you all, so let’s drink to it!

Congratulations on the upcoming New Year 2022

A little more and the Water Tiger will join

In their legal rights,
Let the animal is not aesthetic
And removed from the deity,

But there are advantages of a Water tiger:

He is stubborn and proud,
Has a stone character
And she’s luckier than ever!

I wish you these qualities,

Let the Water Tiger bring happiness,
May you remember the year 2022 for a long time!

Beautiful congratulations on the New Year of the Tiger 2022

I wish you a magical New Year,

Let Santa Claus bring you joy in a bag,
Let nature give you a snowy winter,
Frost will draw a pattern on the window!

Let kindness and fun reign in the house,

And life spoils you always and in everything,
I wish you a festive mood
Sparkled with a wonderful sparkler!

Let the New Year’s Eve be beautiful,

Happy New Year greetings to a man 2022

Winter sows its white crumbs outside the window.

Whispers a good fairy tale to us on the first night of January.
You have a lot of faith in her, and let a lot of good things happen,
The calendar will rustle, giving you a holiday every day.

Let him leave today under a magnificent beautiful Christmas tree

There are hundreds of the best gifts for you wizard gray:
And a bag of
Happy New Year greetings to a woman 2022

Let the cold be only outside,

Let summer bloom in the soul,
I sincerely wish you
It’s great to celebrate the New Year!

To be drunk with happiness

And a little bit of champagne,
Just to make your wish
Don’t forget to ring the chimes.