Beautiful words to your beloved girl about love
I forget about everything next to you,
And if we don’t see each other, I miss you very much!
Every meeting becomes priceless,
After all, you are the most beautiful person in the universe!

Compliments to a beautiful girl in verse
Dear, I will notice,
That yesterday I spent the whole evening
Admired only you.
What are you doing to me..

Compliments to the girl in your own words
My dear, beloved girl, you are a fairy tale in my life, you are happiness for my heart, you are hope and dream for me. I love you very much. There is no such amazing, beautiful, talented, sincere, kind, sympathetic, perfect and wonderful girl in the whole world like you, you are excellent and unique.

Compliments to your beloved man
Once upon a time, you conquered my heart with one look. And now it belongs to you forever.

Beautiful compliments to a woman
You are the breeze of the sea plains,
The golden ray of the sun,
You are a fortress for men, a flower, my pure spring.

You are incomparable in beauty,

Kind, endowed with intelligence.
You are flawless, perfect, and strikingly modest.

You’re just one charm:

Full of charisma and fire.
You are the best creation of heaven,
My irresistible!

Compliments to a girl about her beauty
You’re like a princess, so beautiful,
So amazing, sweet,
I like to communicate with you,
You’re so wonderful, so kind.

Such beautiful eyes,

Such tender lips,
Charming very,
Baldeyu, in general, from you!

Compliments to the guy in your own words
Native, dear, naughty, groovy, beloved, attractive, good, charming. In general, the full realization of a dream. And you know, it’s all you!