Funny short greetings for April 1
Your day has come.
And he came
The fourth month of January.
Looking at the calendar.
It came yesterday.
Your Fool’s Month

*** The month of laughter has come to us
And he brought fools to us
The clown came to visit
And I raised everyone’s spirits
On the first of April
Everyone has a smile to their ears
Congratulations on April 1 in your own words

We are in a hurry to congratulate you on such a wonderful day! A day of Laughter! We want to give you a lot of optimism, joy, happiness! Sincere smiles and good mood! May today fill your life with warmth! And this heat will be enough for the whole coming year! From April 1! 

Short funny greetings from April 1st
Just a minute of healthy laughter
Brings huge benefits for everyone!
It’s like you’ve been running fast for 40 minutes!
Such a result will bring a miracle-laughter!

Original congratulations on April 1 in verse
Did you know that laughter can make you younger?
Free, pleasant, healing for the skin!
After all, the facial muscles are straining hard!
And the super effect is provided stably!

And paired muscles, and cheekbones, pupils –

And the muscles of the larynx, and the muscles of the cheek.
Chest, stomach and back are all in work!
Well, where can you find this for free?!

Useful for the

Congratulations on April 1 in prose
They say: “if a patient wants to live, medicine is powerless.”
And this is not a joke at all. You will be able to prove it
the incredible story of Norman Cousins,
the man who conquered death.
Thanks to laughter, he won 26 years of life from fate.
Today, on this day, we want to wish you a sincere laugh.
After all, he is able to heal even an incurable
The 25 best draws for April 1st (Laughter Day)

Officially, April 1 is not considered a holiday. However, many people like to celebrate it. Of course! When else will there be an opportunity to make fun of close people, colleagues and acquaintances with impunity? If you still don’t know how to play a friend on April 1, catch the 25 best draws.

Back in 1957, they liked to joke on April 1. The well-known British BBC broadcaster showed a

Funny congratulations on the day of laughter
If you are sad in the morning,
If the white light is not nice,
If you got up from the wrong foot
Help yourself!

Look in the mirror!

Wink and smile!
Laugh out loud from the heart!
And make your friends laugh!
Beautiful congratulations on April 1 in verse
Since ancient times, everyone knows one thing:
Laughter is given to us as a weapon in our hands.
They can treat all diseases, friends,
Without laughter today, believe me, it is impossible.

Aristotle himself told us about it.

He proved its effectiveness to everyone!
Take care of your health as an honor from a young age.
And get the benefit of laughter soon!

A cheerful greeting in verse for April 1

What really happened?

Everyone cheered up at once,
And as if in kindergarten
Turned old and young.

April came to us —

Open the doors to laughter!
Everyone likes to have fun,
Try to prank others.

And don’t be offended,

After all, it is useful to discharge!
As it is known that for all
The best medicine is laughter!

If still in doubt

Your tone and mood —
Turn on your TV
And look at the funny concert.

There are a lot

A poem for the Day of Laughter

The Day of Laughter has burst in!

Let there be fun!
You will be able to make your friends laugh,
Wait for success!

Everyone is supposed to fool around today —

This is a fun day to please.
Let everyone around be very funny!
But there should be no evil in your jokes.

Comic congratulations on April 1 to a man

He’s all plausible, and you can’t tell

That a fool flaunts around the country every day.
Next to him, you’ll just lie down laughing,
You’ll go home with a note on your back.

Witticisms will give you a leg,

Will put a joke button on the sly,
He will arrange a bombing from noodles in a moment,
But we love him for a reason.

When else will you find such a case:

To express everything that