Congratulations on the birthday of the grandson of 1 year old
You are our joy, our pride,
Our beautiful granddaughter,
You try so hard to comprehend everything yourself rather, you reach for the goal like a sprout to the sun.

Happy birthday to you,

Our naughty boy and egoza,
Only we sincerely wish you happiness,
So that your fate may be the happiest.

Birthday greetings to a 1-year-old granddaughter
With grandparents,
You play pancakes,
You clap your hands merrily from the heart,
Your eyes shine like stars.

Granddaughter, we congratulate you on the first year of your life,

We sincerely wish you great happiness,
Let the knowledge with the world bring pleasure,
Let the mood always be great.

Congratulations on the birthday of my son 1 year old
Today is the best holiday in the world,
My son is exactly one year old today,
Although he is still small, he is already a prankster,
And things happen to him not in a hurry,

Gets up in a good mood in the morning,

Bypasses all his possessions,
Strong not only in crying, but also in singing,
Adults love all souls in it,

Son, the most affectionate cute,

Celebrate your first birthday,
Be happy, go the long way,
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 1 year old
To our little daughter
Today was the year!
Happy birthday, sweetie!
May you be lucky!
Grow up healthy and diligent,
Obedient, smart and gentle!
Don’t cry over nothing and sleep sweetly,
Eat well, be friends with the kids!
And let every new day,
Only opens the door to a fairy tale.

Birthday greetings for a 1-year-old boy
Your baby has already gone-
Even though it’s only been a year!
He’ll start talking soon,
And there’s a kindergarten waiting for him!

What can I wish my mother?

How can I support Dad?
You have been living in troubles for a year,
And there is no peace for a long time!
But someday you will understand
Which is the happiest, you, everyone!

Be grateful to God

What a child you have!
Let him be healthy
Many, many more years!

Birthday greetings for a 1-year-old girl
Have you learned to hold
Spoon – feed the bunny,
He won’t starve
With such a hostess!

And the hostess is exactly one year old –

A solid date,
We are starting the countdown
Your life, child.

Let your childhood go

Bright, carefree,
So that the dolls don’t know the score,
Bloomed from year to year!

Birthday greetings for 1 year old in prose
We would rather like to congratulate the parents of a one-year-old baby on this holiday. You have done a great job putting love and care into your child day after day. We wish you patience and active development to the child. Let laughter always be heard in your home, you will be exceptionally successful at work, so your family is an example for everyone.

Birthday greetings for 1 year old in your own words
Dear parents! Today we can safely say that you have passed your first life experience in raising a child successfully. You were able to raise this fabulous baby in love and gave him everything he needed. Congratulations on a difficult but happy year, stay the same understanding and kind mom and dad for the rest of your child’s life!

Congratulations to parents with a 1-year-old boy/girl
Your child is a naughty boy,
A cute joyful boy,
He is celebrating his birthday today,
We wish him good luck, strength and mood.

Let him grow to the joy of his parents,

He will become their pride and inspiration.
Well, he himself is growing up handsome, smart,
He listens to Mom, let him help dad.

Birthday greetings for a 1-year-old child in verse
Look around, Mom and Dad,
After all, a shock is coming.
Congratulations, your child –
One-year-old baby.

We wish you good health,

So that you grow up sooner.
And to childhood these years
Only brought joy.

To grow up a clever child,

You were successful.
Forget about diapers.
Let the merry laughter sound!

Congratulations to mom with 1 year old son / daughter
Your baby is exactly one year old,
I am in a hurry to congratulate my happy mother,
Good luck, I want to wish you joy,
I want to learn the basics of education.

Let your family be friendly,

Let the kid always be happy with success,
Good health to you, good,
So that life looks like a fairy tale.

Birthday greetings to the goddaughter of 1 year old
Exactly one year to you, goddaughter!
Congratulations, accept.
The first candle on the cake
With Dad, with Mom blow out.

Let them walk confidently

Small feet,
Unknown yet
There are paths in front of you.

Be cheerful, naughty,

But don’t be capricious,
To have an angel behind your back
I went through life with you.

Congratulations on the birthday of the godson 1 year old
On the first birthday, to the godson
I will hurry to wish you good luck!
Let him grow strong, agile, brave
Responsive, determined, skillful!

Let him always please dad and mom,

It will be fun and the happiest!
And let each birthday have its own,
He greets with a mischievous smile!

Birthday greetings to my nephew 1 year old
Happy first birthday, my dear niece!
Be lucky everywhere, in everything, always,
You can be stubborn when you need to,
The active years are waiting for you now!

I wish you spiritual strength,

To conquer high peaks,
To be a man, the best in every sense,
And achieve what is planned in life!

Birthday greetings 1 year old niece
You’re only a year old, my angel,
You’re so sweet and good!
Let this sunny day
The soul sings with joy!

Grow and only develop,

And remember, you are our princess,
Smile brightly more often,
After all, there is no more beautiful smile in the world!