Happy birthday greetings to a boy 11 years old

Two units today

They won’t upset anyone.
Because the holiday is in the house
A cake, and candles are burning in it.

Son is a happy birthday boy

After all, he’s eleven!
He’s smart, still handsome,
Lucky kid.

Let’s wish the guy amicably

Be on top of everything.
To strive for sports, knowledge,
It is necessary to be always, everywhere.

And to parents – health,

Joy for all years.
The guy, after all, you have a great,
Happy birthday, family!

Birthday greetings to a girl 11 years old

Beautiful date for my daughter today

There is probably no happier lady.
11 years – how wonderful it is,
Flowers and gifts, and how many candies!

Very rightly you are proud of your daughter

She is beautiful, like a rare flower.
She is kind, and she fights with the tenderest smile,
And in school sciences she is the rarest expert!

Let years later a beautiful fairy

He lives as if in a fairy
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 11 years old

My beloved daughter,

My dear girl,
Happy birthday, sweetheart,
We congratulate you.
You’re already 11,
You’re growing up, growing up
And let it be a lot for now
You, daughter, do not know how,
We are all to you
We wish you to learn,
There are a lot of things in life
It may come in handy.
Good grades
Add to the report card
And through life by the hand
With luck, you walk.

Birthday greetings to my son 11 years old

Strong, bold and courageous

You must grow up!
Stay the most important,
And learn, son, perfectly!
Let it be in notebooks without blots
In the diary – only fives.
Take a gift from us,
And put it on the shelf.
May it always bring joy
Your birthday is your holiday.
And today this sweetness
Let it cheer you up!

Birthday greetings to my 11-year-old granddaughter

Granddaughter, I wish you on your 11th birthday,

As you wish to celebrate your holiday.
Be naughty, beautiful, healthy,
Diligent, beloved and very kind.

Birthday greetings to the grandson of 11 years

Grandson, I wish you to be happy,

Brave, kind and loved.
Let new successes await you in business, studies, hobbies,