Birthday greetings to a 12-year-old grandson

Twelve loudly noting,

Congratulations, granddaughter.
Let the fun surround you,
And happiness will be next to you, my friend.

Let everything be fine in the study,

Let there be loyal friends nearby.
Let life be slightly lyrical
In a whirl of joy, care and kindness.

Birthday greetings to your granddaughter for 12 years

Let the star of happiness shine brightly,

Joy, good she radiates,
Success in accounting, my dear granddaughter,
I wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

Life is colored, rainbow from now on,

Warmth and health, so as not to get sick.
And the birthday is 12 let
He will gather friends and banish all sadness.

Birthday greetings to my son 12 years old

Throw away pencil cases and books,

Today you are the main guest at the festival.
Gifts, attention – everything is for you.
And we congratulate you, my son, loving!

We wish to know neither sorrow nor troubles

To be healthy, cheerful for a thousand years.
Let the good be found only on the way,
Helping to go through life with a smile.

Let the sun shine, in happy eyes,

Let the angel play in your
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 12 years old

You are already 12 years old,

We didn’t have time to look back.
We give a parental covenant:
To plunge into the sea of happiness!

So that life was wonderful,

And you didn’t count the years.
I swam like a swan on the waves,
And only dreamed about the future.

Let your dreams come true

About the prince, happiness and summer.
You have become the most beautiful:
And don’t forget about it!

Birthday greetings to a 12-year-old girl

Cute girl, hello!

12 wonderful years today
You turned out!.. and – laughter,
Smiles and flowers for everyone:
This is the only one we have
On gossip, harmfulness is poor,
Rich in kindness, caring.
Is there someone better around?!
Always be so “fluffy”,
Bring the light of participation everywhere, and the trouble will pass by,
They will come – love, luck, happiness!

Happy birthday greetings to a 12-year-old boy

Wonderful age: 12 years.

It seems to have grown, but it seems not.
Like a young man, but in some ways a child,
Who walks through life joking.

So I want to become an adult. You’re rushing the clock.

I’ll tell you one thing – don’t rush.
Time will overtake you at the appointed hour,
Growing up is coming. But not urgently.

Enjoy your transition for now,

You’re getting older and so every year.
And about
Birthday greetings to a friend of 12 years

Fulfilled, girlfriend,

You are 12 years old,
No one in the world,
You’re better off not.

You will always support,

Will you always help me,
I’m not afraid of you
Not a single trouble.

No dictation,

No control,
After all, next to you – confident
And always calm.

Happy birthday

We are getting older,
Reliable and faithful
Let our friendship be.