Birthday greetings to a 13-year-old girl

Happy birthday, dear!

You’re quite big already,
After all, you are 13 years old
And here’s my answer to that:

You don’t know bad worries,

May you be lucky in everything.
On “excellent” you learn
And glow with happiness.

Always be beautiful, smart,

Naughty, a little noisy.
So that friends do not betray
And so that you do not quarrel.

So that you achieve heights,

You weren’t afraid of anything.
As a child you frolic
And “take off” all up
Birthday greetings to a 13-year-old boy

you are 13 years old today,

Recently you were a baby.
Today you’re an adult kid,
Your best holiday has come.

All dreams will come true today,

We will hurry to congratulate you quickly.
To have a magical birthday,
Great bike, you bought it.

Let them also give you a tablet,

Or, in extreme cases, an iPhone.
Be grateful to your parents,
Help them in everything in life.

Candy, cake and a volley of firecrackers

Surprises are all
Birthday greetings to a friend of 13 years

My girlfriend dear,

You are already 13 years old,
I congratulate you on this,
There are no girls cooler than you!

I wish you a lot of happiness,

We will not fight with you,
Well, about old grievances
Today we will definitely forget!

Birthday greetings to my 13-year-old granddaughter

Just now, my granddaughter was walking with me by the handle.

And now almost a bride!
There is no better you in the world.
You have been 13 long years
You give us a mischievous light.
Be happy, dear,
Get a wonderful bouquet.
There will be love in it, flowers
And you will become a princess.

Birthday greetings to a 13-year-old grandson

They say 13 is a difficult figure.

This is a new milestone,
My grandson, age.

You have become a young man already,

You’re making noble plans,
Let your life be, boy,
Bright and entertaining.

Birthday greetings to my son for 13 years

Let joy play

In perky eyes,
Always helps
A girl at the desk.

Will fix errors,

Prompt answers,
And then send
In a cafe for advice.

Be happy, my son,

Handsome and kind.
And very polite,
Successful and fashionable!

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter for 13 years

It’s been 13 years since you were born,

And all 13 years our life has been a success,
You are our joy, you are the meaning of our life, And every year you become more beautiful!

We congratulate you on your Birthday and kiss you,

We do not deny you anything, as we can, we pamper you,
You’re our treasure, you’re our treasure!
It’s a pity that the time of childhood cannot be