Birthday greetings to a friend of 14 years

My dear friend,

I congratulate you,
You are fourteen, hurrah,
I wish you happiness!

Let all dreams come to life,

Do not know insults and evil,
You are the best in the world,
Always be loved!

I wish you joy, victories,

I wish you magic,
You can give good advice,
I always need you!

Let life be interesting,

You have fun, don’t be discouraged,
And you hold on to luck,
Don’t upset your family!

Birthday greetings to a friend for 14 years

My friend, I’m on your birthday

I want to say from the bottom of my heart,
You are the best in the world, without a doubt,
I won’t find such friends!

In these fourteen, my friend,

I wish you happiness, positivity,
Let in this joyful day
Everything will be bright and beautiful!

Happy birthday greetings to my 14-year-old son

You’re already quite big,

He grew up unnoticed.
Let everything be fine,
Both in winter and in summer!

Don’t let your studies bother you,

Let friends not betray.
You are dearer to us all, son,
Let’s create comfort for you!

You grow up, son, and get stronger,

Be brave, be strong in everything!
The years rush by imperceptibly,
Happy holidays! Happy birthday!

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter of 14 years

Happy Birthday, my dear girl!

Your smile is cute and mischievous,
The character of your dad probably succeeded,
When 14 years ago we were born!

Combative, smart, smart, brave, strong,

Well, she went to her mother because she was beautiful,
Congratulations on your Birthday and wish you not to get sick,
And the teenage age is easy to overcome!

Birthday greetings to a 14-year-old girl

You turned 14 today,

What a wonderful life at this age!
You look so carefree,
Playfully so, and even slyly you look!

But waiting ahead of the way-roads!

And the right one has yet to be found.
You don’t take sadness and anxiety with you,
With luck and success, it’s more fun to go!

Let love and joy accompany you,

Meet good people on the way,
And let them not know the troubles and problems,
Where and
Congratulations on the birthday of a 14-year-old boy

Here’s a 14-year-old boy

A grown-up guy, what to say.
To begin with, I wish
Don’t stop dreaming.

Set goals, be diligent,

Undoubtedly, to win
And beautiful parents
Never upset.

So that you always appreciate friendship,

This is your treasure for years,
And luck will be near
In a young life, let it always be.