Birthday greetings to a friend of 15 years

Oh, girlfriend, congratulations!

I don’t know what to wish for.
Fashionable clothes, the newest,
And more cool guys.

Let Wi-Fi catch everywhere,

Don’t be sad and don’t get bored,
Visit different capitals,
Rome, Cannes or Nice.

Don’t forget about me,

Feel free to invite me to visit.
Let’s hang out, laugh
Or just drink tea!

Birthday greetings to my 15-year-old sister

Happy anniversary, my dear!

I love you, pretty girl.
So you’ve grown too big,
My dear sister!

Yes, 15 years is a lot,

But you will continue to grow.
I want you to be happy
And I could have found success!

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old granddaughter

Here you are, our light,

Turned 15 years old!
From me and from grandpa
Congratulations on the rodnule:

Be beautiful like the dawn,

Be happy like a star,
Be cheerful like the dawn,
Be healthy for a hundred years!

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old grandson

You were once a funny kid,

Well, now, our grandson, you’re 15!
Let your cherished dreams come true
And what you have in mind will turn out!

We wish you more loyal friends,

And your life to be interesting,
Everything is ahead, you just be brave,
Seize the moment, and everything will be wonderful!

Birthday greetings to my son 15 years old

Let everything succeed

And everything works out.
Let happiness flow
And it doesn’t end!

Cherished wishes

Come true more often,
And the feelings are reciprocal
You will meet!

Happy birthday, son,

Always be the most – the most.
Handsome and tall,
To the joy of Dad and mom!

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter for 15 years

Daughter, you are 15.

Happy anniversary, dear.
Peace, joy, health,
My girl, I wish.

Build a dream crystal castle,

Implement your ideas.
Be gentle, beautiful, fragile,
Like an orchid flower.

Your good Guardian Angel,

Let him keep from all bad weather,
Let life be full
Warmth, kindness and happiness.

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old boy

This holiday is the most important of all holidays –

This birthday is a small anniversary,
Let them write to you in contact, on Instagram:
“Be always cheerful, don’t get sick”!

And today we all wish you together,

That you believe in the world and in miracles,
We congratulate you on your 15th birthday,
Let your cherished dream come true!

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old girl

Not long ago you were a baby

And now you are 15 years old.
Recently you were sitting with a children’s book,
Well, now you’re walking on fate.

You’re taking bolder steps,

You grow up with each new day.
Already you feel sharper,
You think more and more about “him”.

Let life be filled with love,

That will only bring joy!
I wish not to face pain.
And may you always be lucky!

Birthday greetings to a friend of 15 years

It’s time for wonderful youth –

Fifteen, here it is.
Remember this time,
The burden is not pressing yet.

I wish happiness to curb

And never lose heart!
Let life be bright,
You hold on to your friends!