Birthday greetings to my 16-year-old sister

On my sister’s birthday I want to say:

your 16 suits you very well!
I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart:
May happiness and luck come to visit!

Let fate be easy and beautiful,

And the house is filled with joy with light.
Today the whole world is for you alone,
Live, enjoying every day!

Happy birthday greetings to my 16-year-old brother

Happy birthday, dear brother,

Accept the wishes:
To make you always happy,
Gave charm!

You’re 16 – you’re an adult,

And I can’t believe it at all!
So let your dreams come true,
So that you can cope with everything in life!

Birthday greetings to a girl / girl 16 years old

Let it be whatever you want,

Let your dreams come true!
Let the heart notice in people
The response of spiritual beauty!

16 years is a time of hope,

Love is a wonderful time!
And happy birthday
From the bottom of my heart I love you!

Happy birthday greetings to a boy /guy 16 years old

Today is not just a holiday for you,

You’re 16 – the age of anywhere!
Live with hope and create in a big way,
And don’t count your years.

Let each year, one by one, be replaced by another,

You will be blessed with happiness – take it!
Be able to be friends, forgive, without hesitation,
Try to create your own paradise on earth.

We all wish you a happy birthday,

We give out smiles
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 16 years old

How have you grown up, my girl,

I didn’t have time to blink an eye.
Beautiful, slender twig,
Capricious just a little bit…

Turned as much as 16.

I want to wish you
To meet a good guy,
To live honestly and not to be discouraged.

To have a faithful friend by your side,

Luck was friends with you,
So that a miracle happened as a reward
For a bright girl like that.

Be happy, my daughter,

Happy birthday greetings to my 16-year-old son

Childhood will soon run away to the next table.

The main thing is to live beautifully,
So that there is something to remember!

You, son, are very big

On this birthday.
We wish with our soul
And without delay.

Friendship, joy, love,

Good luck and good luck!
The best is yet to come!
My son, happy birthday!

Birthday greetings to a friend of 16 years

16 years is the source, the beginning,

A new life in your destiny,
Is not much yet, but also a lot,
It’s your beautiful anniversary.

Happy birthday congratulations,

May all your days be joyful,
Let, my friend, you are always lucky,
Let self-confidence always help.

Birthday greetings to a friend of 16 years

Today you are 16 years old

And this is an important date!
Remember, my friend,
How did we meet once?
Do you remember the moments and secrets
That, girlfriend, shared with you.
Let your life smile –
Super happy fate.
Let there be a lot of luck, joy and love,
So that tasks can be easily solved,
It is easy to go the chosen road,
Let happiness be at the doorstep
And let dreams come true
After all, you
Birthday greetings to my 16-year-old granddaughter

You’re already sixteen today,

My own granddaughter.
I wish you to enjoy happiness,
So that your life becomes easy.

Dreams will come true sooner,

And success awaits in all matters.
Let the heart freeze with love,
And your laughter sounds joyful.

Birthday greetings to a 16-year-old grandson

You are 16 years old, happy birthday,

Beloved, grown-up grandson.
Let the mood be cool,
And let the world around you be happy.

Always be in a close environment

The truest, right friends.
Health, happiness, enjoyment
Let them remain in your life.

Birthday greetings to my nephew for 16 years

How quickly you, nephew, have grown up –

No one had time to blink an eye here!
I changed 16 years today,
But I used to walk under the table on foot!

We want to wish you today

To be persistent, to joke, not to be discouraged,
To always have friends in a reliable circle,
Let everything please you around!

Birthday greetings to my niece for 16 years

Our beloved niece

Today is 16 years old!
There is no more beautiful girl in the world,
And there is no more fun!

Don’t take life seriously,

Laugh, love, dream!
Stars are falling today –
Make a wish!