Birthday greetings to a guy (boy) 17 years old

At 17, life is wonderful,

Take your time to learn it.
Everything will be fine, you need to wait,
Just don’t stand on the sidelines.

To study, to make girls fall in love

You can safely conquer the peaks!
The whole world is in the palm of your hand
And it’s open for you now!

Birthday greetings to a girl (girl) 17 years old

My glorious princess,

An angel of pure beauty.
Here you mark 17
On this day, you are beautiful.

I wish you great love,

The one that gives light in life.
On the canvas of fate draws
Feeling is your portrait.

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 17 years old

Our beauty, our princess,

Today is a joyful and interesting day.
You were born on this day,
And there is no one in the world who loves you more!

We wish you lots of happiness and laughter,

In personal and creative life, only success.
Let a ray of sunshine always play in your heart
And today he congratulates you with us!

Be beautiful, as in a fairy tale beautiful princesses,

Be nice, and luck will
Birthday greetings to my son 17 years old

17 years is not just a date,

You’ve become quite big already.
But we are like in childhood, like once
We want to pull the ears.

And wish pre-by all means

More ups and victories.
Let your health be excellent
For many winters and many years.

And if you like a girl,

Then let her keep up.
And soon with a ringing laugh
He will merge your fate with his own!

Birthday greetings to a friend of 17 years

17 years old, wow!

So you’re almost an old woman,
Of course, I’m just kidding,
My beloved friend!

I want to wish you well,

So that you are always loved,
So that your dream comes true,
And be irreplaceable for everyone.

If you don’t know sadness and resentment,

I wish you good mood,
And let the whole world be at your feet,
I congratulate you on your birthday!

Birthday greetings to a friend of 17 years

The beautiful figure on the cake is burning,

It says a lot today.
You are 17 years old! The paths are open,
And you choose which one to go.

We wish you success on your road,

More fun, enthusiasm and laughter.
And so that everywhere, always, and everywhere,
Good people come to you.