Birthday greetings to a guy 18 years old

Kid, you’re 18 today.

It means – young and full of energy.
You’ve gotten noticeably older today,
The door to another life has now opened.

May luck be waiting for you behind her,

Sincere, bright love –
She means a lot in this life,
So let the blood worry freely.

Let success await you,

So that all tasks are on your shoulder,
Let the soul only envy does not know
And friends of infidels. I will keep
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter for 18 years

18 years old, dear,

My beloved daughter.
I congratulate you today,
All the love today is for you.

Let all the stars shine for you,

An angel smiles from heaven,
Let your friends only surround you,
Let many miracles await in life.

May love come to you big,

May fate give you happiness and success.
You live without knowing any problems,
After all, for us you are the best of all!

Birthday greetings to my son 18 years old

18 years flashed by, we didn’t notice.

For us, you will always be “our child”.
And today is the coming of age,
And you have long since grown out of diapers.

When did you grow up, son?

Yesterday’s boy, tomorrow’s man,
Now the whole world lies at your feet
And life paints new pictures.

Let the 18th be a special birthday

The adult world will open the doors for you.
We wish you good luck
Birthday greetings to my 18-year-old sister

You are 18 today,

And these are the best years.
I can’t get enough of it,
I always admire you!

You are very mature, little sister,

And I’m so glad that you are!
Even though you are a capricious girl,
The virtues of all cannot be counted.

So be happy all the time,

Loved to bloom from feelings,
And always cheerful, with a smile
To go through life boldly.

I wish you a lot of laughter,

Birthday greetings to my brother 18 years old

My brother is eighteen today!

The day that is not more important,
Let it be kindness to the rich,
All the things that are more valuable to you!

I wish you to be the happiest,

Not to know longing, not to be discouraged,
And every life “exam”
Only excellent to pass!

Birthday greetings to the grandson of 18 years

Day by day, year by year,

You grew up unnoticed,
Suddenly became a grandson
An adult.

you are 18 years old,

Childhood, goodbye,
Life is preparing for you
New tasks.

Don’t be afraid of life, grandson,

Let her be afraid,
The main thing is to try
You won’t go astray.

Smooth and smooth

Let there be a road,
On your anniversary of happiness
I’m asking God.

Birthday greetings to the 18-year-old granddaughter

Beautiful granddaughter, you are 18 years old!

Today we wish you to laugh,
Celebrate your holiday with your family for glory
Cuddle up to my father and hug my mother gently.

They gave you joy and life,

Raised, cared for, loved hard!
All the best to you, my dear granddaughter,
Let everything be in full, from edge to edge!

Birthday greetings to niece 18 years old

My beloved niece

I congratulate you on coming of age.
I give wishes from the heart:
May you be the happiest in the world!

Let the sorrows never touch,

And let the spring bloom in your soul.
And life greeted you with smiles,
She was beautiful and bright!

Birthday greetings to the nephew of 18 years

You are 18 years old, but you are not in a hurry

Breaking into adulthood is reckless.
Live, have fun for the delight of the soul,
But know the limit, even though it is difficult.

Good luck to you, my dear nephew,

In business and love, so that it will be far more often.
May happiness always be with you,
And day by day life becomes sweeter.

Birthday greetings to a friend of 18 years

I want to wish you

The most fabulous things:
Silver Bentley, Prada,
A rain of pleasant little things.

To have a holiday in life

And today, and always.
Bright colors and discoveries
Let the sequence flicker!

You, girlfriend, are just space,

And cosmic heights
You will achieve very simply,
So everyone will open their mouths.

You always shine so bright.

And in order to find the prince,
You didn’t have to have shoes
Just so everywhere to lose.

Be always-always

Birthday greetings to a friend of 18 years

18 years ago you appeared,

The world then became more beautiful,
You were born, appeared,
He screamed very loudly!

And since then you have changed,

A bit like matured,
Managed to achieve a lot,
And he conquered the girls!

My friend, I wish you,

That your dreams come true,
That you achieve success,
That all days are happy!

And health to you, too,

There’s nowhere without him,
Let the bad be forgotten,
You always smile!

Birthday greetings to a girl for 18 years

Happy birthday, dear!

18 years old already –
She’s quite grown up, big.
Joy, happiness in the soul.

You have risen higher

According to the steps of adult life.
Let dreams come true,
Even if it’s not easy.

Joy, clear love

Let them accompany you through life.
Stay yourself –
So sincere and pure.

In the waterfall of vanity

Do not know troubles and sorrows,
Let fate give you a lot
In the life of vivid sensations.