Birthday greetings to my daughter 2 years old
Today you are exactly two,
You’ve become an adult baby,
And mom’s nerves more than once,
Tested for strength,

Do you like new outfits,

Hairstyles, nail polish and shadows,
And changeable at times,
There is a mood,

Be happy beloved,

My coquette,
Know, parents are crazy,
It’s been a long time since you!

Happy birthday greetings to a 2-year-old boy
Happy Birthday! Two years –
That’s a long time.
Let nature please
The sun of all on such a day!

To make you laugh merrily,

Received toys shaft,
Bathed in attention
And he became even happier!

Birthday greetings to a 2-year-old girl
Like a flock of migratory birds
Two years have flown by,
And we are with the Day today
Congratulations to all of you!

This is quite a long time,

You’ve learned a lot,
You are just an angel for us,
Grown up, prettier.

Be good, obedient,

Sleep, play and eat porridge,
Don’t be naughty at all,
Become the most beautiful person in the world!

Birthday greetings for a 2-year-old child in your own words
We congratulate you and your baby, your little miracle, on your birthday. For two years now, the baby has been bringing happiness and joy, smiles and pride in achievements. Let the little culprit of today’s celebration be healthy, obedient, relaxed and happy. Patience and wisdom to his parents, all the best to your home!

Birthday greetings to a 2-year-old child in prose
2 years is such a small part of the upcoming life, but how much has changed during this time. The first teeth, words, steps – how much happiness is in these simple things. Our little miracle, we can’t imagine our life without you. You are a gift from God, for which we are grateful to him. Let your life be bright, full of smiles and kind people. Happy birthday to
Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 2-year-old boy/girl
What a wonderful day you have
No, it’s not time for you to go to first class
And it’s not even five yet,
And by three you’ll be growing for a whole year.

Believe me, your age is charming,

Two years is a very wonderful century.
Gifts, dancing, entertainment,
Everything for the baby on her Birthday!

Birthday greetings for a 2-year-old child in verse
We wish the baby health at 2 years old,
A child, we congratulate you again,
Let him grow up obedient and the happiest,
A glorious and most beloved baby!

Love, cherish your child,

Let everything come true in life-everything-everything-everything,
What you can only dream of in the world
A child at 2 years old, and at 10, and at 5!

And finally, we want to tell you:

Do not always spoil unnecessarily,
Love in moderation, carefully
Otherwise in life
Birthday greetings to a 2-year-old goddaughter
Two years old baby,
Know, your godmother loves you,
You are my princess from the book,
My love, my dream,

Grow in love and a sea of affection,

Let everyone bypass adversity,
Everything will turn out like in the best fairy tale,
Be devoted to your dream,

Be healthy and listen to your mother,

Try on your outfits,
May it never be boring,
I love you, baby, know!

Birthday greetings to a 2-year-old godson
My godson is good,
I hasten to congratulate you,
And I want to wish you,
To always be obedient,
I listened to Mom and Dad.
To always be lucky for you,
That you smiled everywhere.
May your birthday not be forgotten,
And your dream will come true sooner.

Birthday greetings to my nephew for 2 years
Yes, nephew,
You are a naughty boy,
Cute talker,
Do you like toys,
Cars and guns.

When you grow up, you will appear

Own car,
Beautiful and powerful,

Will you walk the streets

Proudly dissect,
Sometimes and uncle
Roll in it!

Birthday greetings to my niece 2 years old
Niece is 2 years old
Slightly visible from behind the chair,
But the beautiful weather
She does it in the house.
The center of general attention,
Adoration and worries,
This is a gentle creature
It’s growing in front of everyone.
Likes to listen to a bedtime story,
After sleeping almost all night,
Loves songs, loves affection –
That’s the kind of daughter you have!
To always be healthy,
Delighting father and mother,
I hope everyone is ready to raise a toast to my daughter.

Birthday greetings to the granddaughter for 2 years
My beloved, sweet granddaughter,
I congratulate you on your birthday.
For 2 whole years today you,
Health, baby, I wish you.

All of us, princess, you drove crazy,

We will fulfill your wish any.
You are our everything, both heart and life,
A wonderful and expensive miracle!

Birthday greetings to your grandson for 2 years
Happy birthday, our granddaughter,
Cute bear!
Know that for all of us
You’re the best kid!

Let the sun shine

In your clear eyes,
After all, you are 2 years old –
You live like in a fairy tale!

Grandma loves you,

More than anyone in the world,
You’re a grandchild for me
The best on the planet!

Congratulations on the birthday of my son 2 years old
Beautiful eyes,
Tenacious hands.
You play all day
Fun and ringing.

And you walk in the yard

In different weather.
You’re already so big,
After all, you are two years old!

You grow, grow, son,

Be strong, smile.
And, of course, be smart,
And always try!