Happy birthday to a guy for 20 years

20 years old, you are at the beginning of the path,

There are so many different events ahead,
How much you need to manage and pass,
So many wonderful discoveries to make!

You are determined and young,

So go ahead! Overcome all obstacles,
Let them always be proud of you,
Waiting for you to win and reward!

Birthday greetings to my daughter 20 years old

My daughter, my angel,

20 years to you, my light,
I wish you an anniversary
Long and happy years.

Let the plans come true,

Let all dreams come true,
I want you to enjoy a joyful life.

Be healthy, inspired,

Just radiate positivity.
I’m always with you,
This, daughter, know for sure.

Birthday greetings to my son 20 years old

Dear son, you are our happiness,

The pride of our whole family.
We wish you to embody
All your dreams.

20 years – at the start of life

You’re standing, our dear.
We wish you happiness,
We admire you.

Be healthy, handsome and honest,

Boldly follow your dream.
Know that mom and dad are close
They will be behind your back.

Birthday greetings to my sister for 20 years

My sister, dear, dear,

I congratulate you on your anniversary now!
I wish fate, like the sun, radiant,
Love – endless, like the sky, and pure.

Be irresistible, funny, beautiful,

Flirtatious, kind and the happiest.
Let the best man adore you, surround you with warmth and care all your life.

Baby, in your 20s you are adorable,

Smart, dazzling, just a princess!
Always be smiling, kind and brave,
And then you will become a beautiful
Birthday greetings to my brother for 20 years

Happy birthday, little brother!

You haven’t been a boy for a long time.
Became confident and bold,
Became caring, skillful

And proud, I congratulate.

I wish you happiness and joy.
And success, and victories,
After all, today is 20 years old.

Birthday greetings to a friend of 20 years

I, dear friend,

On this modest anniversary
I wish happiness only to you,
Loving people around.

20 years – like a drop in the sea,

Into your happy life.
Let the trouble and grief go away,
Joy and success will come.

Birthday greetings to a friend of 20 years

I wish you in 20 years

I am human happiness,
Significant life victories, boundless love, a sea of passion!

Save yourself through the years

And stay young at heart!
Let the days be sunny,
Say goodbye with sadness-sadness!

Happy birthday greetings to a 20-year-old girl

20 years – that’s the date!

You’re as good as a miracle.
Congratulations, congratulations!
You are the company’s soul!

The sun ray is incomparable,

You are beautiful and slim!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Be sincere and sweet!

Lots of joy, fun,

The sea of happiness is over the edge!
Let there be no grief in life,
Only the sweetest paradise!