Poems from February 23, 2022

Men’s share is not simple,

What to do, life is war,
Then he will feed a pood of salt,
Then a glass of wine will serve.

Who is at the mine or in the navy,

A brave hero in the army,
And someone at work –
Hot frontline.

For the defender of the fatherland,

Let’s drink together with the whole country,
Which sometimes saves lives,
Gives shelter, love, peace.

Know, breadwinner, we are with you,

Wherever you plow
Creative greetings from February 23

Let a gorgeous beauty fall in love with you,

Life will be yours
Just the way you like it!

Let your friends please

Sudden raids,
Let the whole family appreciate,
And you will gain success!

Let you work

A rather big boss,
Let the path lead to happiness!
Happy February holiday to you!

Congratulations on February 23 to the pope

Father! You from the bottom of my heart

Congratulations to Mom and me!
We wish to reach all the peaks,
Successful cases – without edge!

Let your

be fulfilledCherished desires!
And on February 23, accept
A declaration of love from us!

Congratulations on February 23 to classmates

To future men,

Defenders of the country,
To our classmates
We wish today,

That you do not lose heart

From the hardships of life,
So that you protect us,
And not vice versa.

To be smart,

Well, just like Einstein,
To love the Motherland,
To drive laziness back.

So that moms are not upset,

And dad would be proud
For what kind of man
Growing up in their family.

Happy Courage and strength Day,

Boys! Let success
Keeps up with you.
You are
Congratulations on February 23 to my husband

The husband is always the wife’s protection,

And support, and shoulder.
Happy Defender’s Day, beloved,
Congratulations warmly!

Stay kind, brave,

Fair and direct.
Know that I am infinite
You will always be loved.

Congratulations on February 23 to men

Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, we congratulate you,

We sincerely wish our nice men:
So that you have only one problem to worry about –
Where to put such a sea of personal “loot”.
So that you don’t know sick days, go on vacation more often.
And gather with friends to have a rest and relax.
Let the incorruptible traffic cop never see you,
And the car will be new, and it always works.
Congratulations on February 23 in your own words

Today there is a great occasion to congratulate our dear men. To thank them for their courage, courage, unsurpassed nobility and generosity. Wish you new victories, fulfillment of wishes and eternal youth!

Congratulations on February 23 with humor

I’ll raise a glass for a special day,

Everyone is celebrating it today.
Both bear and seal are celebrating,
They consider themselves males.

The male tribe is very important,

Time will stop without men.
There will be no one to play dominoes,
Move the enemy to the crown.

Hold on, take courage, catch the stream,

Do not descend to falsehood and flattery.
I will cheerfully drink to the men and pour again,
For you knights of
Short greetings from February 23

I wish on the Day of the Defenders of the country,

That the plans were all implemented,
To make every dream come true,
Any height was taken.

Congratulations on February 23 to colleagues

The team is assembled today,

But the work will wait!
We congratulate our colleagues,
Everything else doesn’t count!

The debt was given to the country long ago,

We served “with a bang!”,
And congratulate the defenders
In February, it’s time!

Do not let your health,

And luck in everything fail!
For such a serious holiday
We drink combat grams!

Congratulations on February 23 to your beloved man

My beloved, defender and soldier,

Today your holiday has already happened.
I think you’re overjoyed.
I wish this day to last

And brought good luck to all cases.

Let joy inspire you endlessly,
Live in prosperity and go to dreams,
After all, they all come true, of course!

Quatrains from February 23

It’s time for us to congratulate the men today.

Salute and hurrah to our defenders!
We wish that every day would bring you
Good luck and happiness, health and strength.

Congratulations on February 23 in prose

On this wonderful day, I can wish a man a life worthy of the proud flight of an eagle, who reaches his goal without looking back at small birds, and in any situation overcomes all obstacles. Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!

Congratulations to the boys on February 23

Although you are not from movies and books,

But they are supermen for us.
From our class of boys
We are in a hurry to congratulate you now.

And even if you haven’t had time yet

To eat army porridge,
But we managed to see in you
Courage, strength and honor.

We wish you to be brave,

You are not only on a February day,
And to Die Hard – Bruce Willis
I could envy your strength.

Funny greetings from February 23

On such a snowy day of the calendar

There is a great reason for the holiday.
Congratulations on February 23
To you only, the best man on earth!

You are the embodiment of strength, strength, intelligence.

How beautiful you are, of course.
You are collected, restrained, very patient.
So I can talk for a long time, verbatim.

However, a million words are not enough for me,

To describe you in all its glory, of
SMS greetings from February 23

Congratulations on February 23,

And I wish you strength, wisdom, and health
Let the life around you be in full swing,
Rewarding bright happiness and love!