Birthday greetings to a friend of 25 years

You’re silver today

Celebrating an anniversary.
Your youth is at its peak.
Happiness, my friend, do not hurt.

Set high goals,

Only dream of victories,
Don’t give up in a difficult moment,
Be a fighter, let’s go for it.

Let it be on your personal front

Everything will be ok too,
I wish inspiration,
Bright and beautiful days.

Birthday greetings to a 25-year-old girl

Ah, this little, pleasant anniversary…

After all, 25, my dear, is just the beginning!
I wish you all the doors open,
And that obstacles never arise!

And beauty, health, joy – everything is with you,

May they stay with you forever!
And if you will always be yourself,
All earthly rivers of happiness will flock to you!

Happy birthday to the guy for 25 years

You’re only twenty-five today.

How young you are, handsome and cheerful!
You know how to take the best out of life
And tear the comrades away from the chairs.

You are always in a good mood,

You will be able to cope with difficulties.
Whatever your cherished dreams,
You spare no effort for the embodiment!

So may luck be with you.

I wish you good health,
Always to have loyal friends
And a lot of money as
Birthday greetings to a 25-year-old man

25 is a wonderful age.

A quarter of a century is over.
Let the stars shine for you,
Illuminating all paths.

Let health and success

They will never leave,
With optimism and laughter
Meet the new years!

25 is a wonderful age.

Look for positivity in everything:
Already – it is possible, still – it is possible…
In general, you can just do everything!

Birthday greetings to my daughter for 25 years

Dear daughter, dear heart,

There is no man more precious than you.
I wish you endless happiness,
Bright, full and flawless.

If there are some unique events,

A number of people are the kindest, most beloved.
If you have enough, then a full cup,
Day by day it becomes more beautiful.

Be healthy, successful, smart,

Dearly loved always recklessly.
I wish you to stay young
And to be realized in motherhood.

Birthday greetings to my son 25 years old

A quarter of a century has passed…

Son, how big you’ve become,
Persistent, cheerful, brave
And with a gentle, kind soul.

Now the man is real,

After all, twenty-five years already.
You go through life gracefully,
Be always ready for everything.

Son, love and be loved,

Be happy and healthy.
Let there always be strength
Adversity is all to step over.

Birthday greetings to my 25-year-old sister

Quarter of a century – 25,

It suddenly came again.
It’s a pity that this happened,
But, so that you eat and drink,

So that you are cheerful,

Behave well,
To meet a friend in life,
Break out of the circle of everyday life,

Go to rest more often,

It’s beautiful to sunbathe there,
And you’ll also fall in love,
To achieve your happiness.

Happy birthday greetings to my 25-year-old brother

I will congratulate my brother

With a big date – 25!
And wish you well, good luck,
Freaky mood!

Heroic health,

By all means live with love!
Let it promise success in everything
To my brother, the best of all!


25 to you, little brother!

Time is rushing faster and faster.
You were a good little minx,
Here you meet the anniversary!

Stay the most glorious,

Surprisingly simple.
Remember, brother, only about the main thing:
You are
Birthday greetings to a friend of 25 years

Dear friend, dear,

I wish in these twenty-five,
That you did not know the happiness of the edge!
You were born to shine!

Be young, fresh, beautiful,

Conquer all with beauty!
Let the ray of luck shine clearly,
Step forward confidently!

Let whatever the soul asks,

It will be realized without difficulty,
Let the beloved carry on his hands
And let him always love you!