Congratulations on the birthday of 3 years old in your own words
Today, (NAME), is your third birthday. The whole life is ahead, serious and full of troubles, but for now you are allowed to be naughty, have fun and be a little hooligan – so you will know this wonderful world. I wish you happiness and happy days!

Birthday greetings to a 3-year-old child in prose
Baby! Happy birthday to you! We wish you to grow up strong, healthy and cheerful, to be smart, to grasp everything on the fly, to study perfectly, to be obedient at home and in kindergarten, to find real friends and love your parents deeply!

Birthday greetings to parents of a 3-year-old boy/girl
Congratulations to Dad, mom
Happy third birthday
Their son! He’s the most
The best, without a doubt!

So let his road

It leads up and will be smooth,
Let him not know the alarm,
Let the success be huge!

In the meantime, let your child

Fast asleep, naughty, growing,
We will be very happy
To come to you in a year!

Birthday greetings to a 3-year-old child in verse
Our dear boy, happy 3rd birthday to you,
We wish you good health, joy, kindness,
Please us by all means with your successes,
May your life be excellent.

Birthday greetings to the granddaughter for 3 years
Congratulations, granddaughter,
Happy birthday to you.
You have been pleasing for 3 years
The whole family has fun.

Laugh, granddaughter, more often

And forget the whims,
Every day to parents
You give surprises.

Be always healthy,

A beautiful girl,
Be obedient, affectionate
And grow up happy.

Birthday greetings to a 3-year-old grandson
You’re three years old, granddaughter!
You’re nice and obedient.
You already know a lot about coloring books
And a specialist in all toys.

You develop and grow

To all of us, granddaughters, for joy.
Follow the best path,
So that the sun laughs!

Birthday greetings to a 3-year-old boy
You are 3 today, not a little,
You’ve already become quite big!
And even the sun rose earlier,
To say hello to you!

We are happy to congratulate you,

Lots of toys to wish for!
Tell me where to put the gifts?
Let’s start playing soon!

Grow big, skillful, brave!

Let you be an astronaut!
And let it be white in this world,
Your dreams will come true!

Birthday greetings to a 3-year-old girl
There is a cake with candles on the table,
You are the cutest and most beautiful of all now.
Congratulations on the flowers,
You’re really big here.

You’re three years old in the world,

You’re in such a beautiful dress,
And the sun is shining gently,
And the birds are singing about your house!

We will embrace you with tenderness,

From the heart we wish,
Grow in love under the blue sky,
Health, happiness, beauty!

Birthday greetings to my daughter for 3 years
My dear, glorious daughter!
My three-year-old miracle!
I’m so happy for you,
Like it’s my birthday!

Happiness to you, my flower!

In life, whatever you want,
Sweet, gentle daughter,
Let all dreams come true!

You are my clear sun,

Grow up only healthy,
Let life from the top to the bottom
Carries new gifts to you!

Birthday greetings to my son for 3 years
We’ll be right there. Look:
We love you with all our heart,
You’re already three today,
You’ve become quite big already!

You’re growing so fast,

My sister can’t catch up in any way,
You will look like a dad
And you will also know a lot!

Let your dreams come true,

And your cheerful laughter sounds,
We wish you to be happy
And success was waiting for you in everything!