Birthday greetings to a man 30 years old

For a man 30 years old

Real strength blossoming:
The mind is developed, and there is experience,
There are countless victories ahead.

So let fate give

Everything you want,
Let the plans come true,
Let dreams come true.

Let your health be strong,

The heart is full of love.
And prosperity, and luck,
Lots of happiness! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday greetings to a 30-year-old girl

Beautiful and clever, you look great,

I want to congratulate you on your anniversary personally,
God grant you health, and light, and warmth,
And that you be happy for sure!

Today, dear, you are only 30 years old,

And this is, without a doubt, your heyday in life!
Bloom as long as possible, hope and dream,
Love and be loved, you know no sorrows!

Happy birthday to my brother 30 years old

A beautiful day to be born,

Was exactly thirty years ago.
And you, my brother, appeared,
Adding to our family staff!

I am happy to wish you

Love, prosperity, not to get sick,
Good luck, achieve all desires,
Only loyal friends to have!

Achieve success at work,

To have authority in the family,
The weather in the house is only good,
And bright days, and long years!

Happy birthday to my 30 year old sister

I’m not afraid to say it out loud,

Happy birthday, sis!
Happy 30th anniversary,
There is no best date in the world.

Let your life goals

They only hit targets.
Be full of strength always,
Energetic, cheerful.

So that diseases are avoided,

So that everyone loves you,
And I’ll tell you, sister,
You are the best for me!

Birthday greetings to my daughter for 30 years

My dear daughter, my dear,

You are the best of all with me.
I wish you on your birthday
Happiness, cheerfulness, warmth.

Thirty years ago you appeared, brought happiness to our house.

What is good and what is bad in life,
You, my dear, understand.

It’s good when the soul laughs,

It’s good when the soul sings.
It’s good when your health does not fail,
Your family lives in good health.

Daughter, beloved, dear,

Birthday greetings to my son for 30 years

30 years old. What an adult you are!

Mature, bright, tall.
But in my soul, son,
A child’s voice is heard…
The one who called my mother,
When I was just growing up.
And, of course, there is no dispute,
No matter how many years it was there,
You are a child to me.
I love you with all my heart.
And I wish you a happy anniversary
Millions of bright days,
Happiness, sincere love.
Make all your dreams come true!

Birthday greetings to a colleague for 30 years

I wish you the most joyful days,

I wish you the most loyal friends,
I wish love all year long,
I wish that there were no troubles and adversity!

In work, only success accompanies,

And at home he meets a loud laugh,
Let everything succeed in life, loving!
And I congratulate you on your birthday!

Birthday greetings to a friend of 30 years

The anniversary has come – 30 years!

Young, pretty as a little girl.
Look around, there are so many brave victories behind,
Remember everything, dear friend:

Years of study, family and career –

Everything is working out for you!
Hope and faith are with you all the time,
Let it continue like this!

I wish you further success, victories,

Bloom, get prettier, as before.
I wish not to know the troubles and troubles
To live with faith,
Birthday greetings to a 30 year old friend

Happy 30th anniversary to you

We want to congratulate you.
You’ve always been the brightest,
That’s why we love you.

You have been faithful to friendship for many years.

Our union is unbreakable!
In business, you are not more fervent.
You’re ready to fix it.

You have achieved a lot in your life,

We will confirm this. –
And he is great in his skill,
We can’t replace it with anyone.

On the thirtieth anniversary

We want to