Happy birthday greetings to my 4-year-old daughter
Four years old daughter,
The assistant is growing.
How well she dances,
How well he sings!

And he plays with dolls

Wonderfully all day.
And mom’s housework
I’m not too lazy to help her.

Not a daughter, but just a miracle!

And it’s not better to find.
We will wish together
Grow up healthy.

Birthday greetings to my son 4 years old
Our son is four,
He is the main person in the apartment.
He likes to flip through books,
There are a lot of questions to ask
“From where? How? And why?..” –
Everything is interesting for him to know!
Grow up, our (Name) smart, brave,
Good, strong and skillful!

Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 4-year-old child
Four years old boy,
He has become quite big!
Already chasing balls,
Draws well,
He knows a little letters,
And is familiar with numbers.
Praise his parents,
Their son is good!
We wish you for many years
Patience, love,
So that there are no problems and troubles
Your whole family!

Birthday greetings to a 4 year old grandson
It seemed like he was born only yesterday,
You are my dear grandson.
And you’re already four,
You’re quite big.

I wish you,

Dreams come true.
Mommy and daddy,
Much to love.

Birthday greetings to 4 year old granddaughter
The granddaughter is a beauty,
Like a marmalade you,
We wish you to be
Sweet and sweet,
Already 4 years old
After all, you have turned,
We want your life
Filled with joy!

Happy birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy
Our holiday will be not bad,
If very boldly
Count to four
You can do it in between!

So consider it as soon as possible,

So that the district knows
That you are even older for a year
We have become today!

There is nothing more important on a birthday

Cake in the whole world.
How many candles are there on it?
One, two, three, four!

Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old girl
Words are not enough to describe,
Tell me everything about you.
You are the best in this world,
Baby, you’re four.
You strive to know a lot,
You can tell your friends.
Do you like toys, books,
Play even with a boy.
You always bring light into the house,
And ask for forgiveness.
You are cultured and neat,
Everything is always fine with you.
Polite and so sweet,
Be happy for the ages.