Birthday greetings to my 5-year-old granddaughter
Happy birthday to my granddaughter
Congratulations today,
And loving from the bottom of our hearts,
we celebrate your 5 years!

Go to kindergarten with pleasure,

Study there, communicate and make friends,
Help mom with the housework,
Well, the main thing is to grow up healthy!

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old grandson
you are 5 years old today,
Beloved grandson, golden.
Happy birthday
I love you, my bunny.

Be healthy and obedient,

My obstinate boy,
Porridge, eat fruit,
Help Mom and Dad.

Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 5-year-old girl/boy
You have been nurtured-cherished
For a long time my baby,
And now we have waited for the time
The first five-year plan!
On this anniversary holiday
Congratulations to all of you,
And to your beautiful family
We sincerely wish:
In joy, love, care
To raise your girl,
Drive to parks on Saturdays,
On weekdays – to teach the mind!

Birthday greetings to the nephew of 5 years
5 five – round date,
Nephew anniversary.
It would be too many years to say,
How many friends have come.

Dad’s joy, Mom’s joy,

My son has grown up, he has become an adult.
Cute, and so stubborn,
I want you to know

That we love you very much,

And we wish you to be
The best among the best,
So that you open a new world.

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old niece
5 years old to you, dear flower,
You are the most beautiful person on earth!
In this joyful day
I wish happiness only to you!

Grow up smiling and cute, Healthy, bright as a star!

And, of course, beautiful,
Always be a cute princess!

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old godson

The godson’s years are coming,

There is no trace of childhood left.
Today we celebrate five years,
Listen, dear, to us old people.

We wish you wealth,

More often – to laugh, to laugh.
And never lose heart,
To study at school only for five.

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old goddaughter

Happy birthday congratulations,

Dear goddaughter,
Let the angel keep you safe
And protects.

On my birthday I am yours

I wish the 5th
Be cheerful and healthy,
Listen to Mom and Dad.

I want to wish, baby,

That you grow up in love,
In life itself happy,
That you, the goddaughter, were.

Happy birthday greetings to my 5-year-old son

5 years to you today! An adult almost!

But this is just the beginning of life, you keep in mind,
All the most important things are waiting for you later,
Study, work, family, friends, home!

But we would like childhood not to end,

And for your life to begin every day,
But time does not hear us and hurries forward,
And calls you from childhood to adulthood!

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 5 years old

5 years ago you appeared,

Princess, happiness, beauty.
Conquered with her smile,
My dear daughter!

Time flew by so fast,

And you have grown noticeably.
My beautiful baby,
You’ve blossomed like a flower!

I wish you good health,

So that you are obedient,
So that you read books often,
So that you can conquer the world!

I wish you wonderful days,

I wish you happiness, magic,
So that your life is charming,
So that miracles surround you!

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old girl

What a lovely date –

The baby turned five.
And I congratulate you on your daughter,
I wish you all the best!

Let him not know sadness and grief,

May she be happy.
Let the angel protect her
From troubles, all kinds of evil!

And I wish you patience.

There is a lot ahead of you.
I wish you well, inspiration,
So that you live in harmony!

Birthday greetings to a 5-year-old boy

The first anniversary

The first piglet,
Well, how many fingers
Hiding a cam?

Strong five,

5 happy years,
I wish you, baby,
Defeat the whole world.

You grow up healthy,

Be strong and strong,
I wish you real
To become a man for you.