Birthday greetings to my 6-year-old granddaughter

My dear granddaughter,

On your glorious holiday,
I want to wish you well,
Good luck, joy, luck.

You are already 6 years old today,

Always be cheerful, happy.
Shine you like a ray of sunshine,
And be successful and beautiful!

Birthday greetings to a 6-year-old grandson

I, granddaughter, want to congratulate

Happy 6th birthday to you.
To become only smarter
Every moment, day by day.

For me, you are a joy in life,

Be healthy, dear.
I want to stay
You’re so radiant.

Birthday greetings to my 6-year-old son

My beloved son, you are six today,

And on this bright holiday we cannot count the joy!
Let the lucky star shine in life,
Love, luck, kindness always accompany!

Grow healthy, strong, always study for five,

Good luck and good luck to live, not to be discouraged!
Be a great athlete, be strong, be brave, let the rays of warmth and joy light up your path!

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 6 years old

There is no girl nicer and more beautiful,

Than our sweet daughter,
Like a moth she flits,
Everyone is pleased and delighted.

Today, honey, you are already 6 years old,

You’ve grown up and matured, it’s no secret,
Happy birthday to you,
We wish you joy, good luck and good.

Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 6-year-old child

Your son is no longer a crumb,

He is as much as six today!
Let his road be,
As if the best gift of the Lord:
To study for “excellent”
At home to help,
A decent person
He became an adult in his adult life!
Well, I wish you,
To have a stable income,
Love, mutual understanding
And the absence of adversity!

Birthday greetings to a 6-year-old girl

Happy birthday, princess!

Everything is for you today.
More to the world of interest
I will wish you.

Six-year-old girl,

Already an adult at all.
Always laugh very loudly,
You give joy to everyone.

Everything will be fine in life,

Never lose heart.
You shine like the sun, clearly, Start the day with a smile!

Happy birthday greetings to a 6-year-old boy

6 years old to you today,

How fast you grow,
You will finish kindergarten soon
And you’re going to school.

Let your birthday Wishes come true,

Miracles and magic
In life, let them happen.

And for me you are a miracle

The biggest
And I wish you
Happiness and health.