Birthday greetings to my son 7 years old

On your seventh birthday,

My son, we congratulate you with love!
Let the mood always be cheerful,
Let your health grow stronger every day.

Let the desires and cherished dreams

Today everything will be fulfilled, adding happiness.
Let everything be as you want
In the rays of love, care and affection.

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 7 years old

My beloved daughter,

We wish you on your birthday,
So that you are happy
Every moment.

7 beads strung

On a thread of fate,
Every year, my daughter, you get prettier.

On books and notebooks

You changed your toys,
There were school
You have girlfriends.

Our let love

Always keeps you,
The good angel is following
Behind you.

Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 7-year-old girl/boy

Dad and mom, in your family

Today is a special holiday!
After all, it marks exactly seven years
Your beloved child!

I want to wish you all the best,

So that all dreams come true,
You could raise your son,
Problems and sadness without knowing!

So that, growing up, your child

Pleased more and more!
Live as before, loving the child
And don’t regret your affection!

Birthday greetings to a 7-year-old granddaughter

Granddaughter, my beauty,

Here you are already 7 years old.
Better, more fun girls
In the world as a whole, definitely not.

I wish you success,

Dear, wish,
That you always continue
About believing in a fairy tale and dreaming.

So that, my dear, I don’t get sick

And I studied only for five.
You are our magical child,
So, my love, keep it up!

Birthday greetings to a 7-year-old grandson

Here are 7 years to you today,

The best grandson in the world.
I’m sending you a strong kiss
And the embrace of gentle hands.

On my birthday I wish

I am healthy and kind,
So that there is only a path to success
I brought you into my life.

To be the first in school,

To only win in sports
And our boy was worthy,
You always get great praise.

Birthday greetings to a 7-year-old girl

Congratulations to you today,

Seven years happens only once,
We give gifts and wish
That the first class was successful!
So that luck does not leave,
So that friends are full,
So that all tasks are solved,
And at school it was like in the movies:
Both interesting and beautiful,
The teacher is kind and funny,
So that there are no lazy people in the classroom,
So that you are native there.
We wish to be always obedient,
Birthday greetings to a 7-year-old boy

Friends will come to visit today,

All toasts will be “pushed” under lemonade,
And you will blow out seven candles!
May everything be in your life:

Merry days are not measured,

There are a lot of pleasant little things,
Academic success, lots of laughter,
Health, happiness and success!