Birthday greetings to the grandson of 8 years

Happy birthday, dear granddaughter,

You’re eight, you’re an adult already!
And let happiness play in your soul on this beautiful day!

Let all your dreams come true,

I wish you a lot of health!
So that you always smile to everyone,
I wish you a colored mood!

Birthday greetings to my 8-year-old granddaughter

So imperceptibly time flew by,

You are already 8 years old,
You have become more serious, more mature,
There is no prettier granddaughter in the world.

Accept congratulations on your birthday,

Let bright dreams come true by all means,
Let childhood be carefree and fun,
May everything be fine for you at school.

Birthday greetings to my son 8 years old

Happy birthday, dear son!

You are celebrating eight years now,
Get to the peaks as soon as possible
I wish you in all things.

You study always diligently,

Of course, protect those who are weak.
Let happiness be boundless,
It was so that the edge was not visible.

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 8 years old

Today you turned 8 years old,

We wish you happiness from the bottom of our hearts,
Be obedient, cheerful,
Our sunshine, dear daughter.

Be kind, smart and happy,

Affectionate, generous, beautiful,
Joyful, glorious, sweet,
And always loved by everyone.

Birthday greetings to a boy 8 years old

How quickly time flew by,

After all, you are 8 years old today,
Everything has remained unchanged in the world,
Only you’ve grown up – no doubt.

This is a very sunny date,

You, our boy, are already big,
There are studies, weekdays, stargazing,
Interests and friends are a mountain.

There are a lot of beautiful adventures,

Different hobbies are bright, groovy.
Let all the beautiful moments
They always give a fairy tale from spring.

Let all

Birthday greetings to a girl 8 years old

daughter’s 8th birthday –

– a moment of happiness for the whole family.
On a joyful family holiday
My daughter always blooms.

How wonderful she is with you:

Very affectionate, gentle.
Loves mommy and daddy
With grandmothers so kind.

We wish her success,

And there are only “five” ratings.
Be always active, cheerful,
Dance to conquer everyone.

I wish you a lot of positive,

Inspiration and strength.
Daughters to birthday
I rewarded you with fun.

Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a child 8 years old

Your son is 8 years old!

We want to congratulate you,
And ask you carefully
Listen to our miracle tale:
Be forever young,
Rest and work,
Rejoice in the success of your son,
Always pray for him.
To grow up your child
Strong, kind and successful,
Was happy and loved,
And lucky, of course!