Funny congratulations on March 8th

The men are running around in a panic today,

Like passengers on the sinking Titanic.
They are giving gifts today:
Flowers, cakes and chocolates.
We’ll get away from housework.
Well, what about women? Happy Women’s Day!

Congratulations on March 8 to female colleagues

Happy 8th of March! Happy holidays, colleagues!

Let the ups and successes come to you in life,
And let everything come true that I wanted,
To have joy in my heart, to sing with happiness!

To strengthen health, to have money,

Everything that was lost to be found,
So that the family is in order, at work is fine,
So that life runs merrily and smoothly!

Congratulations on March 8 to the girls

Since March 8, happy Spring Day!

Let all your dreams come true,
Be beautiful and successful,
Kind, affectionate and gentle!

Congratulations on March 8 to classmates

The whole school, including me,

Congratulations on the day of March 8,
I wish you joy in full,
To study endless excitement!

Congratulations on March 8, 2022

A ray of sunshine, peace and kindness

On Women’s Day, let March give you a gift.
Spring time has come to us,
It’s spring for everyone now-the queen rules.

Rules both nature and people,

Rules romantically and beautifully.
Woman, accept a bouquet of flowers
Passionately, tenderly, tremulously, playfully.

I wish this day spring,

Happiness to always walk next to.
So that love may appear in your dreams,
Crumbling in a gentle starfall.

Congratulations on March 8 in your own words

I wish you to look at the world through the romantic prism of spring mood, so that the feeling of romance is present in your life every day, as it is today, this spring holiday. Let your eyes be filled only with happy sparks of joy, and sincere laughter always sounds in your house.

Funny greetings from March 8th

Not only let March 8th

Suddenly dreams come true,
And to lay down, as needed, the map,
With luck, always be on “you”!

Low-calorie tortillas

Let the frying pan bake,
Let the cats purr in your soul
And they never scratch.

Lucky though bright and globally

In love, career – yes in everything,
And let it not be banal,
But the house will be a full sea!

Short congratulations on March 8th

I wish you joyful moments

And flawless beauty,
So that on this bright spring day
Wishes and dreams have come true!

Congratulations on March 8 with humor

On this holiday, our with you

All women’s affairs – lights out.
Let a miracle happen today:
For men – stove, dishes,

Wash, clean everywhere,

Put the kids to bed.
Well, and we want this evening
They took men’s work on their shoulders:

We would lie on the couch,

And then – a beer and a bath.
To properly note
The best holiday in the whole world!

SMS greetings from March 8th

Like a bright angel, spring has come to the house,

She brought the warmest holiday,
Spread her tender wings,
Happy 8th of March! Happiness and love!

Congratulations on March 8 to mom

Mommy, dear, congratulations

Happy Spring day – March 8th.
And I wish you with all my heart
Joy, health and excitement.

Let everything in life always succeed,

Let success always walk next to you.
Let the sun smile at you,
And spring will please you with an outfit.

On this day, nature comes to life,

After a blizzard waking up.
Let the first snowdrop germinate
For you, dear, smiling.

Congratulations on March 8 in prose

I am pleased to congratulate you on the holiday, because you are like the personification of spring itself – a sunny, gentle, warm girl! Be loved as you deserve, and do not let those who are cold and stink of indifference to you.

Congratulations on March 8 to a friend

The day of March 8 is not an ordinary day!

Let it still be frosty, lilac is not blooming,
But that’s no reason not to wish you,
Happiness appeared in the heart and destiny.

Let the smiles love to play on the lips,

Hands get used to hug gently,
Let a frisky light shine in your eyes,
And the soul flutters like a moth.

Let there be no place for the bitterness of

Congratulations on March 8 to the girl

A fire is raging in the blood,

Although March breeds dampness, puddles.
Happy spring, happy holiday of love!
To you, the lovely, most needed,

Queen of my heart,

The countries of the sweetest dreams are the capital,
I wish life without worries,
Dreams come true,

Beauty – bloom! Come on quickly,

Without wasting time,
From the happiness of our doors
Let’s find the code by kissing passionately!

Beautiful congratulations on March 8th

Let it be the Day of March 8

Day of the most colorful wonders,
Will add fun and excitement to life,
From happiness to rise to heaven.

Let care, tenderness, understanding

They smell in life like magic flowers,
Let him fulfill his wishes every day,
Let the sea of affection and beauty surround you.

Let great ideas be born,

Does not let go of the embrace let love,
Let even the craziest ideas succeed,
May the world