Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a 9-year-old child

Happy ninth birthday to my son!

Oh, how fresh, good, handsome he is,
And very many features
Looks like Mom and Dad!

Let your friendly family

The days do not leave happiness,
Let my son be forever in the neighborhood
Only joys live alone!

Joy for the best marks,

For diligence, to success!
Let your boy unnoticed
Suddenly he will be the happiest of all in an instant!

Birthday greetings to a 9-year-old grandson

There is already a “nine” on the birthday cake,

And this means that the grandson – 9 years old.
Let the notebook rest with the problems,
There will be a festive banquet today.

Meet the guests and receive gifts.

And in secret I want to wish you:
Don’t do it, granddaughter, you’re a blot in life.
And be an excellent student not in school, but in fate!

Birthday greetings to a 9-year-old granddaughter

Granddaughter, dear girl,

9 years old you are coping,
I sincerely wish you,
That all your dreams come true.

Let childhood be happy,

It will be interesting at school,
From reliable, loyal friends
Let it be cramped in the house.

Birthday greetings to my son for 9 years

Pony-like clouds,

Floating in the sky slowly,
We, my son, will remember together today,
How they saw the baby for the first time!

As the baby grew and developed,

How I didn’t sleep at night, I kept screaming,
When he saw me, he laughed joyfully
And I loved how Dad rocked before going to bed.

My son has grown up, has become more serious –

Here, there are 9 candles on the cake!
Let, my son,
Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter for 9 years

9 years old to you, dear,

Be happy, my beloved daughter!
I wish you a bright childhood,
Know that you are dearer than an angel!

Let all dreams come true easily,

So that your eyes always shine,
And let the soul be filled with warmth!
You are a princess, as if from a fairy tale!

Happy birthday greetings to a 9-year-old boy

You are the center of attention of the globe!

There is no end to calls, congratulations, greetings!
There will be at least a couple of welcome gifts,
You are exactly nine years old!

And this is more than three thousand days lived,

This is a lot that is difficult to imagine.
Every day you only get stronger
And you will only add to your success.

But while there is an opportunity to breathe freely:

Birthday greetings to a 9-year-old girl

There will be fun in the house

9 balls hanging.
On the ninth birthday
People are in a hurry to see their daughter.

The girl is already the owner

Helps you in everything.
Then he will clean up the kitchen, then he will vacuum the house.

And she succeeded in her studies,

And the A’s in the diary.
Clever and the pride of the class,
We are all doubly pleased.

We wish the birthday girl

To be