Congratulations to my daughter on her birthday from the heart in verse
My good daughter, my beloved daughter,
You, as always, are beautiful, unique in everything.
I congratulate you in a burst of inspiration,
And sincerely wish you happiness on your birthday.
Don’t let earthly troubles touch you,
Let love envelop you, my beauty.
Let the cherished dreams come true unexpectedly,
Let the inconspicuous feelings be remembered for many years.
I also wish you the usual luck,
Be happy, dear. Happy birthday again!
Unusual birthday greetings to my brother in verse
Dear, my beloved brother,
How many shakes we’ve been through!
Since childhood, you were a noble naughty boy,
Remember – we could do anything in the world!

And today you are already a man,

You and I have grown up quickly…
Happy birthday! Let there always be twists
Everyone bypasses you!
Funny birthday greetings to my brother in verse
Happy birthday, bro,
Congratulations, I’m not kidding.
And from the bottom of my heart today
I want to wish you:

In this life to be a hero

Like in a cool blockbuster,
So that annoying problems
You solved it with one click.

To make feelings rage,

The purse was torn at the seams,
And luck to follow
On your heels!
Creative birthday greetings to my brother in verse
I’m on my brother’s birthday
I wish you good mood,
Strength, hope, inspiration
And wishes of fulfillment.

Super-good health,

And success in all matters.
And, of course, more
Happiness, joy and laughter.

To give you all the vertices

They submitted with ease,
And adversities and sorrows
Drowned in the abyss.
Sms congratulations to my brother on his birthday in verse
Little brother, congratulations.
It’s your birthday, after all.
I wish you to be rich,
Paid to be a deputy.
Health so that it does not fail,
And happiness with you so that it is.
Beautiful birthday greetings to my brother in verse
Happy birthday, dear brother!
Let your eyes burn,
Let life sparkle with love,
So that you can be proud of yourself.

Inner strength, good luck,

To solve problems easily.
You easily go through life,
So that the further, the more prestigious.

Happiness, warmth, excitement,

And energy, and fart!
Be cheerful, healthy and brave,
So that you can achieve everything!
Soulful poems happy birthday to my brother
Birthday, dear brother,
Finally yours has come,
I want you today
I found a lot of valuable things:

And gifts, and envelopes,

Lots and lots of warm words,
And attention from women,
Compliments and poems!

You are responsive, good

And a sincere person,
I wish you happiness,
Not for a year, for a whole century!
Congratulations to my brother on his birthday from the family in verse
Brother and son – congratulations to you!
And we want to wish from the bottom of our hearts,
That everything worked out for you,
That things were good.

Money, joy more smiles,

May there always be spring in the soul.
To make fewer mistakes,
And never repeat

Remember, we appreciate you very much,

You are a dear person to us.
The most honest and fair,
Live happily for a thousand years.
Touching birthday greetings to my brother poems
Well, brother, birthday
I came to you again.
And to help all your desires
I wish you now.

So that whatever you have in mind,

It came true as soon as possible.
To make money with the amount you need
The treasury would have accumulated yours.

So that at work only uphill

Career growth has lifted you up.
So that everything that is bought only fits.
Answer to any question.

I wish you every success.

firebirds in your hands
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved brother in verse
Beloved brother, I congratulate you!
I drink a glass of wine to the bottom for you.
I wish you happiness in your personal life,
Live happily for up to a hundred years.

Let grief sidestep,

Let laughter flow in your house,
All wishes to be fulfilled,
In business, good luck and success.

Accept these gifts from us,

We give them to you from the heart.
We all respect you very much,
Good luck to you in life and love!
Happy birthday to my brother to tears in verse
You are the kindest and most beloved,
You are the brightest and most beautiful,
And in life you are indefatigable,
My unique brother.

I want to congratulate you

Happy birthday
And wish, dear, you
Great luck!

Let the beauty-fortune

Going through life side by side,
The arrow of the prankster Cupid
Let love carry you into your life.

Let there be no troubles,

Let you not know defeat.
You will always be my hero!
Happy birthday to you, little brother!
Happy birthday greetings to my brother from my sister in verse
My brother is the best,
He has a birthday.
Let life be successful,
So as not to make him sad.

Let him find his love,

So that it is strong.
So that the heart is not broken,
It’s been many years.

Show me a smile,

After all, I love her so much.
Let everything be as you want,
Build your own destiny.
Obscene birthday greetings to my brother in verse
Live bro to your delight,
Forget about all the problems of x++!
So that life does not seem like a dummy,
Piss your enemies, fuck and drink!

Let oh++ be happy,

Live pi + dato, with brilliance, in high!
A lack of intelligence and bl+stvo,
With a sitting on x ++ send!
Short poems happy birthday to my brother
Always strive forward to your cherished dream!
Victory awaits you, little brother, by all means!
Be steadfast to the end, and don’t give up right away!
Confidence from the face, let it never go away!
Let no shadow overshadow you,
And on your birthday we wish you love!
Comic birthday greetings to my brother in verse
I wish my brother today
Get milen playing,
Without strain and problems
To enjoy everything!

Let the girls love you,

And the boss will not forget
Raise your salary,
Happy birthday, dear brother!
Congratulations to the brother on his birthday from his brother in verse
To drink and to be able,
You didn’t lose your life axis,
Always cheerful on jam day,
Full, drunk, in the mood!

To have a fun night,

I, bro, am happy to help!
To draw money with a tub,
You have become a tycoon in nature!
Birthday greetings to my cousin in verse
To a cousin on his birthday
I want to wish you well-being,
Health, and success, and luck,
To live a full life and not get tired.

So that you achieve your goals,

Health to your loved ones, so that there is peace in the house,
Warmth and festive mood only,
So that those who love you are there.
Birthday greetings to the younger brother in verse
Happy birthday to my brother today
I am glad to congratulate the youngest.
Don’t let you be a baby anymore,
But you can’t run away from me!

I want to wish you

Do not know problems in your affairs,
And do not be afraid of anything,
And achieve your own!
Birthday greetings to a second cousin in verse
Second cousin,
Happy birthday to you.
The greatest happiness,
And I wish you joy.

Be the best you are,

Always cheerful.
Don’t be sad in vain,
Neither where nor when!
Congratulations to my brother on his birthday with a joke in verse
With happybezdik, bratello,
A lot of books I typed,
I congratulate you in kind,
So that you are a pantovo channel,

Lots of beer, lots of chicks,

A lot of money to put in a bag,
You’re a farcical kid,
A new car for you!