Congratulations on the wedding in your own words to tears
Our dear, dear and beloved newlyweds! I cordially congratulate you on your Wedding Day! I wish that your eyes would look at each other with the same love in fifty years! The feeling that has taken all the place in your hearts, let it not fade away, does not go away, but only grows stronger over the years, becomes wise, sincere and very warm! Be a support to each other
Congratulations on the wedding to tears from mom
Dear children, let them be happy
There will be your nights and days.
Let it always bloom in the soul beautiful
A fairy tale is the flower of your love.

May the sun smile on you forever

And keeps the family life and home.
Let your cherished dreams come true –
With tenderness, smile and kindness.

Let all people treat you with a soul,

Let the children’s laughter sound like a bell.
Everything that is in the plans
Touching congratulations from parents at the wedding
On this memorable and happy day,
We want to say so much,
Words both warm and very beautiful
And with all my heart I wish:
Bright happiness, great happiness,
A lot of joy, a lot of love,
Daughter – the first, son – the second,
A strong, friendly, cheerful family!
So that there is tenderness and freedom,
So that the circle of friends does not decrease,
Be happy for many
Congratulations to my brother for the wedding in prose
My beloved brother, on this day you became not just a happy man, but also the head of your family, its support and reliable defender. I wish you to always experience the joy of family happiness, to keep love and fidelity in your marriage for many years to come. May your home always be full of children’s laughter, prosperity, warmth and comfort.
Beautiful congratulations to the bride for the wedding
Bride, you are beautiful, like an angel in the flesh.
I wish you a great and fabulous love.
I wish that your husband respects you very much.
I wish he never hurt you.

I wish the groom to be appreciated.

To be met from work, and to be fed deliciously.
You are the groom, you will never fall out of love with the bride.
You love your family more every day.

May your life bring you

Congratulations in prose to the daughter on the wedding day
Dear daughter, our dear, today you left our house as a beautiful bride and came as a magnificent wife to your family, in a good hour. We wish you and your spouse a good and happy life, harmony in the family and the absence of reproaches, tender love and sincere understanding, good health and prosperity in the house.
Congratulations to the groom for the wedding in his own words
Our dear son! We heartily congratulate you on (daughter-in-law’s name) the most joyful event in your life! We wish your newly-made family prosperity and great love, and we wish that your feelings become stronger every day and you never lose respect for each other. Honor your wife, remember that she is a fragile woman who needs your support and wants to see in you not only a loved one, but
Congratulations on the wedding from parents to tears
You are a happy couple today,
You have linked two destinies into one.
Out of Love you drank a decoction,
Let spring into your souls.

A wedding is so much trust,

Respect for each other always.
Wedding – it sounds like cries of “Bitter”,
A wedding is love for years!

Let it always beat in unison

Your pair of loving hearts.
And it will merge into a big luminary
The reflection of two wedding rings.
Original congratulations at the wedding from parents
Our lovely and beloved children! I would like to wish you long love, beautiful smart children, prosperity and respect for each other! Do not be afraid of troubles, they are not terrible to you if you are united. Support each other in any endeavors. We wish you to become a model for other young families. Stand up for each other like a mountain!
Congratulations on the wedding day beautiful in verse
A couple was born today,
Who is still very, very young.
So let the time be spent for a reason,
So that you can drink life completely, to the bottom.

I also wish you wisdom and patience.

They will serve a good service,
And to the half – only with a good mood
Always go, still with love, friendship.

Let it be everything you have dreamed of

And don’t let the insidious, menacing way of
Touching congratulations to the bride for the wedding
Two hearts merged together
And two hands intertwined into one.
Union, may it be unbreakable
For the rest of my life.

What could be more beautiful in life?

Her hand is in his.
Let the fire of love not fade away
In your family hearth.

A big road, not a path

You, hand in hand, go.
And let the gait be easy
And fewer pebbles on the way.

Breathe one joy,

And if a disaster suddenly happens,
You divide it in
Congratulations on the wedding day to my sister in verse
My little sister is sweet, dear!
I heartily congratulate you on your wedding!
Today you become a wife!
May happiness be with you forever!
Let peace and grace reign in the family,
Prosperity – so as not to count,
Let your plans come true,
Any dreams will hurry to come true!
A strong mutual love
Let your hearts burn again and again,
Let him give tenderness every day and hour.
And let everything be colorful for you!
Congratulations on the wedding of a friend in your own words
Congratulations, dear friend, here it is your happiness is already knocking at the door and promises a happy family life. Be always so joyful and bright, remain that star that calls to unknown heights. Love to you and your husband and long years together!
Congratulations on the wedding of my brother to tears
I see you’re happy today,
After all, he took a beauty as his wife!
Well, finally, my younger/older brother
I boarded a family boat.

May your union be strong

And let it be coordinated.
And to fasten your bonds
The baby is certainly important.

I promise that with an eye

Your aunt/uncle will help you.
Nephews are always welcome…
Let God protect!
Congratulations to children on their wedding day from parents
Love has united you, turning you into one family,
I gave you joy, happiness, my bright eternity!
Congratulations, dear ones, on your wedding from the bottom of my heart,
May all the days be good in life, young ones!

Take the punishment from your parents as soon as possible:

Let luck shine in life every day and every hour, Let feelings grow stronger over the years, like good wine,
Understanding will be with you, affection,
Tearful congratulations on the wedding in verse
Strong happiness to you, tenderness, passion,
Fidelity in friendship, life, in love.
Kiss more, swear less,
With joy you go through life!
Be beautiful, be happy,
May your mother-in-law and mother-in-law be glad to see you.
Be healthy, always happy,
Let there be Advice and Love with you!
Congratulations from the bride’s father at the wedding
My children, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. As a father, I want to wish you peace and happiness, prosperity and understanding, loyalty and respect, patience and sensitivity, tenderness and reciprocity, sincerity and joy, prosperity and healthy children.
Congratulations to the younger sister for the wedding
I remember when I was a kid, you were always standing on the sidelines,
The youngest of all, a beautiful, capricious sister!
I even remember how little you were,
In front of my eyes, you grew up with your sister
Right now, well, look at them all, pretty woman!
And for your husband, you are even brighter than the sun
Congratulations to me as an older sister,
In marriage, be loved you always!
Congratulations at the wedding to the bride in your own words
Congratulations on your wedding day. I wish you to turn from the most beautiful bride into the most wonderful spouse. Let the road together be easy, let your family grow happy, let your spouse’s shoulder be always there, let harmony and love always live in your hearts.
Congratulations to the young for the wedding to tears
The stamp has already decorated the passport,
The rings are new.
On this day, guys, clearly
We have chosen priorities.

I wish you happiness and understanding,

Don’t give up, don’t grumble,
Only together, only in a couple
Move and win.