Congratulations on the wedding in verse to tears
We observe the unity of destinies
In your eyes, shining with happiness.
Let this miracle happen today —
Heaven will crown you with its power.

The birth of a family, like a child —

This is a wonderful long-awaited moment.
The bride is cute, like a young girl,
The groom is so happy and in love with her.

Let the stars in your destiny draw a sign of loyalty, love and longevity.

Let the world see this
Congratulations on the wedding beautiful words from parents
Our lovely children! The peculiarity of today is not in the celebration, not in the rich table, snow-white dress and a large number of guests. Today is the day when you radically changed your destiny. Now you are together. We really want you to understand that family life is not only about joy. Anything can happen, and a strong family is the one that knows how to cope with all
Congratulations to my sister for the wedding in prose
My dear sister! Today is one of the most important and exciting days in your life! You have tied the knot with your beloved and only man, who has become the meaning of life and a reliable support for you! It is not easy to find your man in this vast world, but you were able to do it and today you have become his wife. I want to wish
Congratulations to the bride on the wedding day in verse
How long have you been waiting for this day,
Cute is how you dressed dolls
And with a veil in her hands, I was waiting, believe me,
And in my soul I froze forever…

The years flew by like a moment,

And now – not a doll – you’re in a dress…
And in your soul a fire has arisen,
Which means so much in everyone’s life.

You will become today for a reason,

That wife
Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding in your own words
I congratulate you on the most solemn holiday in your life, daughter! May the heavens unite your loving hearts on this day, your wedding day, and no circumstances will allow them to separate. I wish you long years of love, happiness, joy and prosperity. May your family grow stronger and blossom like the warmest spring!
Sincere congratulations on the wedding in your own words
Your family was born today. Take care of her, appreciate and respect her. Let there be only joy in your life, let the dream always come true. Let the hearts warmed by love beat in unison. We wish you a bright gorenje of one love, but for you two. May your road always be bright, may your family be strong and friendly. Advice to you yes love. Let hope, faith
Congratulations on the wedding in prose to tears
My dear children, I congratulate you on your wedding day. You have already grown up and are creating your own family, but for me you will always be small. The most beloved, the most beautiful. May each of you be happily married. I wish you all the best, sincerity, sincerity and joy. Always be the best for each other.
Congratulations from parents for the wedding of the young
Today is a holiday of two hearts,
We are celebrating your wedding.
Let the bright shine of your rings
Protects you from problems.

Holy Parent Council

Let it help you forever in life.
And your eyes are a happy light
Let it never fade away.

Save holy love

In our hearts we wish you.
Give more grandchildren,
We will bring them up together with you.

Live happily ever after.

Do not allow doubts, quarrels.
Let your new family
It grows over the
Congratulations to the daughter for the wedding in prose
Dear and beloved daughter! There have been changes in your world and spices have been added, which were so lacking. Spices under the name: the love of a man, the care of a man, happiness from being held in the arms of a man, understanding a man, talking about nothing with a man, proving to the father of his child what the child should wear and what not. All these
Congratulations on the wedding from a friend of the bride
We will take a crystal glass
And for luck we will break,
After all, a beloved friend
We’re getting married now.

What to say? The groom is worthy.

And the bride at least where.
Happiness to you, live together,
Don’t swear ever.

You, husband, always be faithful,

Never cheat.
You be an exemplary wife —
Help and inspire.

Build a house, raise children,

We will always help you.
Well, and most importantly, love
Gently, firmly, forever!
Congratulations to a mother at her daughter’s wedding
How beautifully you are dressed,
And your faces are full of joy.
I want to congratulate you on your marriage,
Live love without fuss.

Never forget

You are half of one.
Be tender, be to each other,
I will raise the wine for you.

Raise your children and don’t quarrel, let the fates and whims go away.

And you know, Mom loves it very much,
He will share any path with you.
Congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding in their own words
Wedding is a joyful event in the life of the newlyweds. So that joy does not leave you in the future, live in love and harmony. Let loyalty, hard work, mutual understanding be your companions in family life, and then warmth, comfort and sunny smiles will reign in the house. Where kindness and mutual assistance live, love lives there. We sincerely congratulate you and wish you boundless family happiness!
Congratulations to my sister for the wedding to tears
You have become a spouse now,
But for me, she’s always a girl.
I am sending congratulations to you,
My beloved sister!

After all, life is hard work to live,

Family is a big responsibility.
On the adult you enter the path,
I congratulate you on this.

Always live happily,

Suddenly helping a friend in everything.
Let the trouble go around your house.
With a legal marriage, dear!
Congratulations to parents at the wedding of the newlyweds
Our dear children.
We give you bread and salt,
Our parting words to you in this world
Everything was divided in half.

Will there be joy or sorrow-

Avoid personal dramas,
Concede to each other in a dispute,
You need to learn.

Live by faith and the law,

Do not look for an easy life,
Welcome relatives, friends,
Respect father and mother.

There will be children, there will be grandchildren,

Everything will go its own way.
Husband, take your wife in
Congratulations to the bride for the wedding in prose
Our princess, you have already grown up, today you are wearing a wedding dress, which means that it’s time to leave your parents’ house. We are very happy that we were able to raise such a beautiful and clever daughter. Today your eyes shine brighter than all the stars on the planet, and your smile lights up this whole hall. Next to you is a wonderful man who loves you,
Congratulations to the bride on the wedding day in prose
The kingdom of the family is the kingdom of the woman. A smart, kind, domestic wife can, like a good fairy, create an atmosphere of love, joy, understanding of a joke, that is, a life full of happiness. It is in the power of a woman to make married life bright and joyful. So let’s wish our bride to become the creator of a happy family life! Create comfort at
Father’s congratulations at daughter’s wedding
Yes, how glad I am, I can’t count the words!
Today is the wedding of the blood…
After all, happiness is to hear this news,
My dear halves!

Live only in love,

And always give people laughter.
And into the sky of bright blue
Let all your conflicts go!
Congratulations on the wedding in your own words from mom
Kids, you are just made for each other! On the wedding day, as a mother, I wish you a wonderful feeling of love, a sparkle in happy eyes and spiritual closeness. Let this memorable day be remembered for many years with pure feelings, great hopes and delight that you evoke in each other. Sweet and long life to you!
Congratulations on the wedding of a friend to tears
Dear friend, on the wedding day
I want to heartily wish:
Beautiful manor house
And there is a beautiful garden nearby.

To have prosperity in this house,

Harmony, bright comfort.
Spouse to keep you holy,
And brighten up life leisure.

I wish you merry laughter,

And the trampling of your children.
In the affairs of all, only success
And bright, great ideas.

Hold each other’s hand,

Then the whole trouble is nothing!
Now you are a spouse and a
Wedding greetings from parents in prose
Our beloved children, dear newlyweds! On this joyful day, we wish you happiness, smiles and joy for a long family life! Let it look like a wonderful holiday, and the honeymoon never ends! Let the ringing children’s voices sound in your home! And the house will be filled with joy, laughter, smiles! Respect and take care of each other! Remember that to live a life, do not cross the field!