Congratulations on the wedding day to the brother from the sister
My brother became the head of the family,
I congratulate you.
Let the love be great
Inspiration has two wings.

I wish to be a support

And support for his wife.
Together to be demolished steadfastly
You are all the burdens of fate.
Touching congratulations to my brother for the wedding
My beloved brother!
I adore you.
And with this beautiful day
Congratulations today.

Let the wedding be bright,

The bride is the best,
Mountain to gifts,
And life to miracles.

To have a sea of happiness,

Good luck, good luck,
Your wife loved you,
And her own dacha.

My dear brother!

Empty Angel guards
Your family peace,
And protects life…
Congratulations to the younger brother at the wedding
Little brother – you’re already a fiance,
Happy wedding day, I congratulate you,
I wish you one big love for two,
So that the house was a full cup, I wish you.

Let love always inspire you,

Let the relationship please the hearts,
Let the fidelity of feelings, always protects,
Two wedding rings, beautiful.
Congratulations to the elder brother for the wedding
Big brother, I’m so happy for you,
Today you have a wedding and all your relatives are happy,
Let there be fewer obstacles in life,
So that you have a strong and friendly family.
I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart,
Let there be honest and bright ways of love,
Let there be thoughts, dreams are all good,
God grant you a beautiful couple to bloom all your life.
Funny congratulations to my brother for the wedding
Today is your wedding, little brother,
Accept the best congratulations from my sister,
May your love never fade away,
Let happiness and luck surround you.
I wish you success in everything, endurance, patience,
Let only inspiration give life,
Let the sky be peaceful over your head,
Be always protected by fate.
Congratulations on the wedding from a cousin
Dear cousin! I congratulate you on the magical day of the creation of your family! I wish you to be a real man, a breadwinner, a support and certainly cope with the role of the ideal husband! Let the fabulous love live in your hearts and give strength to take new heights.