A beautiful wedding greeting to the point of tears
Under the ringing of melodious glasses,
Under the songs of cheerful guests,
We wish that in life a lot
There were still joyful days.

So that you live amicably, richly,

Bathed in love and prosperity,
And so that all the best in life
You two always got it.

Let things work out together,

Your feelings will make everyone hot,
And let it be regularly from God
The stork brings you gifts.
Congratulations on the wedding are heartfelt to tears
You have connected your life with each other
And the two destinies are entwined into one.
I wish you great happiness on the way!
You can’t find a more beautiful couple,

How not to find such happier eyes –

May it always be like this in your life!
Let a fire flare up in your heart,
And you keep love, a wonderful gift.

So that the kids, as expected, could

To become your continuation of love.
Congratulations on the wedding to friends to tears
Congratulations from friends
On a beautiful day, take it.
In a new and family life
Don’t forget about us.

We wish you, of course,

That feelings only burn,
That passion burns with a spark,
Never cooled down.

To make the house a full bowl,

To make it cozy in it,
They stomped, so that the children’s heels,
So that life beat with a key.
Congratulations on the wedding are touching to tears
He is strong, smart and honest,
As a knight is brave, he is nice to his family,
Once he was alone in the world
I wandered around, circled the ladies with my eyes.

She is a beautiful princess,

Sweet, kind to everyone around,
I carefully kept the key to my heart
From evil, alien, insidious hands.

Fate — the mistress of other people’s lives —

And fair, and smart,
I crossed the paths of two
And I brought their
Congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding to tears
Today you got married,
For you — a happy day in the world!
Once you lit a beacon of love,
Then let him shine for you all your life!
Everything turned out the way you wanted,
And now the desired hour has come —
You have put on loyalty rings,
Flowers and music are for you!
Walk side by side, amicably in step,
A beautiful strong family.
Let it not be an easy road,
But definitely straight!
To be near in the
Congratulations on the wedding in verse to tears
We observe the unity of destinies
In your eyes, shining with happiness.
Let this miracle happen today —
Heaven will crown you with its power.

The birth of a family, like a child —

This is a wonderful long-awaited moment.
The bride is cute, like a young girl,
The groom is so happy and in love with her.

Let the stars in your destiny draw a sign of loyalty, love and longevity.

Let the world see this
Congratulations on the wedding in prose to tears
My dear children, I congratulate you on your wedding day. You have already grown up and are creating your own family, but for me you will always be small. The most beloved, the most beautiful. May each of you be happily married. I wish you all the best, sincerity, sincerity and joy. Always be the best for each other.
Congratulations to my sister for the wedding to tears
You have become a spouse now,
But for me, she’s always a girl.
I am sending congratulations to you,
My beloved sister!

After all, life is hard work to live,

Family is a big responsibility.
On the adult you enter the path,
I congratulate you on this.

Always live happily,

Suddenly helping a friend in everything.
Let the trouble go around your house.
With a legal marriage, dear!
Congratulations on the wedding of a friend to tears
Dear friend, on the wedding day
I want to heartily wish:
Beautiful manor house
And there is a beautiful garden nearby.

To have prosperity in this house,

Harmony, bright comfort.
Spouse to keep you holy,
And brighten up life leisure.

I wish you merry laughter,

And the trampling of your children.
In the affairs of all, only success
And bright, great ideas.

Hold each other’s hand,

Then the whole trouble is nothing!
Now you are a spouse and a
Congratulations on the wedding to tears from mom
Dear children, let them be happy
There will be your nights and days.
Let it always bloom in the soul beautiful
A fairy tale is the flower of your love.

May the sun smile on you forever

And keeps the family life and home.
Let your cherished dreams come true –
With tenderness, smile and kindness.

Let all people treat you with a soul,

Let the children’s laughter sound like a bell.
Everything that is in the plans
Congratulations on the wedding from parents to tears
You are a happy couple today,
You have linked two destinies into one.
Out of Love you drank a decoction,
Let spring into your souls.

A wedding is so much trust,

Respect for each other always.
Wedding – it sounds like cries of “Bitter”,
A wedding is love for years!

Let it always beat in unison

Your pair of loving hearts.
And it will merge into a big luminary
The reflection of two wedding rings.
Congratulations on the wedding of my brother to tears
I see you’re happy today,
After all, he took a beauty as his wife!
Well, finally, my younger/older brother
I boarded a family boat.

May your union be strong

And let it be coordinated.
And to fasten your bonds
The baby is certainly important.

I promise that with an eye

Your aunt/uncle will help you.
Nephews are always welcome…
Let God protect!
Congratulations to the young for the wedding to tears
The stamp has already decorated the passport,
The rings are new.
On this day, guys, clearly
We have chosen priorities.

I wish you happiness and understanding,

Don’t give up, don’t grumble,
Only together, only in a couple
Move and win.
Congratulations to my daughter for the wedding to tears
How long have you been on dad’s shoulders
Skated and laughed fervently?
How long have you been in mom’s arms
Did you sit and, having warmed up, fall asleep?

What a beauty you have grown up with us!

On your wedding day, we are very happy for you.
Always be happy, as you are now,
And this will be the best reward for us.

We wish to carry you through the years

All happiness, tenderness, affection and