Congratulations on the daughter’s wedding in verse
Today is your lucky day,
Today – you are already a bride!
And there is no anxiety – an evil shadow,
There will be no place for it today!

We love you, baby!

We wish you love and joy,
And let a beautiful dream,
He fulfills everything in this life!

And let love always be itself,

Only fills your soul,
We are happy and we are with you!
Congratulations on your happiness!
Touching congratulations to my daughter for the wedding
We wish our daughter a native
In the family, so that there is peace and quiet,
So that your husband always loves you,
On strong hands to wear.

May your marriage be the strongest of all

We are waiting for the kids soon laughter,
And that your honeymoon month
There was always a new one every year.

Always, dear, smile,

Contact us for advice,
After all, still from the cradle
For us, you are forever a child.
Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding in your own words
I congratulate you on the most solemn holiday in your life, daughter! May the heavens unite your loving hearts on this day, your wedding day, and no circumstances will allow them to separate. I wish you long years of love, happiness, joy and prosperity. May your family grow stronger and blossom like the warmest spring!
Congratulations to a mother at her daughter’s wedding
How beautifully you are dressed,
And your faces are full of joy.
I want to congratulate you on your marriage,
Live love without fuss.

Never forget

You are half of one.
Be tender, be to each other,
I will raise the wine for you.

Raise your children and don’t quarrel, let the fates and whims go away.

And you know, Mom loves it very much,
He will share any path with you.
Father’s congratulations at daughter’s wedding
Yes, how glad I am, I can’t count the words!
Today is the wedding of the blood…
After all, happiness is to hear this news,
My dear halves!

Live only in love,

And always give people laughter.
And into the sky of bright blue
Let all your conflicts go!
Beautiful congratulations to my daughter for the wedding
My daughter is getting married today!
Well, how not to let a tear of happiness!
The groom is handsome, smart – it suits you!
I am sure he will love you!

May your happiness become endless,

What is loudly called a family!
Let it be full of love and passion!
May there be joy and peace in it!
Congratulations in prose to the daughter on the wedding day
Dear daughter, our dear, today you left our house as a beautiful bride and came as a magnificent wife to your family, in a good hour. We wish you and your spouse a good and happy life, harmony in the family and the absence of reproaches, tender love and sincere understanding, good health and prosperity in the house.