Congratulations on the wedding from the bride’s mother
Happy wedding, I congratulate you,
With a mother’s heart
I wish you happiness.

I wish that love

You took care of yours,
So that you could not live without each other

To build a family

Friendly and strong,
Heaven damn you
Gifted with children.

To trouble and joy

Divided into two,
The happiest,
To be in the world.
Congratulations on the wedding day to the bride in your own words
Beautiful bride, charming and irresistible, today is your ball, today is the celebration of the creation of your family, where you will certainly be a real queen of your king. I congratulate you as a spouse and sincerely wish you to always feel each other, cherish every happy moment and never feel the indifference and coldness of your hearts.
Congratulations to the bride on the wedding day in verse
How long have you been waiting for this day,
Cute is how you dressed dolls
And with a veil in her hands, I was waiting, believe me,
And in my soul I froze forever…

The years flew by like a moment,

And now – not a doll – you’re in a dress…
And in your soul a fire has arisen,
Which means so much in everyone’s life.

You will become today for a reason,

That wife
Congratulations on the wedding from a friend of the bride
We will take a crystal glass
And for luck we will break,
After all, a beloved friend
We’re getting married now.

What to say? The groom is worthy.

And the bride at least where.
Happiness to you, live together,
Don’t swear ever.

You, husband, always be faithful,

Never cheat.
You be an exemplary wife —
Help and inspire.

Build a house, raise children,

We will always help you.
Well, and most importantly, love
Gently, firmly, forever!
Congratulations to the bride on the wedding day in prose
The kingdom of the family is the kingdom of the woman. A smart, kind, domestic wife can, like a good fairy, create an atmosphere of love, joy, understanding of a joke, that is, a life full of happiness. It is in the power of a woman to make married life bright and joyful. So let’s wish our bride to become the creator of a happy family life! Create comfort at
Congratulations on the wedding from the bride’s sister
My beloved sister! I cordially congratulate you on your wedding day! Let it remain in your memory as something magical and wonderful! I am proud that you were able to find your happiness in this vain world! Take care and multiply it together with your spouse! Have a happy life together! Sincerely rejoicing for you sister!
Beautiful congratulations to the bride for the wedding
Bride, you are beautiful, like an angel in the flesh.
I wish you a great and fabulous love.
I wish that your husband respects you very much.
I wish he never hurt you.

I wish the groom to be appreciated.

To be met from work, and to be fed deliciously.
You are the groom, you will never fall out of love with the bride.
You love your family more every day.

May your life bring you

Touching congratulations to the bride for the wedding
Two hearts merged together
And two hands intertwined into one.
Union, may it be unbreakable
For the rest of my life.

What could be more beautiful in life?

Her hand is in his.
Let the fire of love not fade away
In your family hearth.

A big road, not a path

You, hand in hand, go.
And let the gait be easy
And fewer pebbles on the way.

Breathe one joy,

And if a disaster suddenly happens,
You divide it in
Congratulations from the bride’s father at the wedding
My children, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. As a father, I want to wish you peace and happiness, prosperity and understanding, loyalty and respect, patience and sensitivity, tenderness and reciprocity, sincerity and joy, prosperity and healthy children.
Congratulations to the bride and groom at the wedding
You are a happy couple today,
You have linked two destinies into one.
Out of Love you drank a decoction,
Let spring into your souls.

A wedding is so much trust,

Respect for each other always.
Wedding – it sounds like cries of “Bitter”,
A wedding is love for years!

Let it always beat in unison

Your pair of loving hearts.
And it will merge into a big luminary
The reflection of two wedding rings.
Congratulations to the young on the wedding day from the bride’s parents
Well, my daughter is already married,
How fast time flies…
We congratulate you, dear ones!
Don’t let your life fly by.
You have time to enjoy it,
To spend time with each other,
And if something happens,
Then we can always save!
You contact us more often
With a question or just a request
And, of course, do not hesitate,
After all, we will always help you!
Of course, we will wish you
Great love for a whole century,
We miss you already,
After all,