Congratulations from parents at their son’s wedding
Now the groom is our kind, sweet son,
Found love – now you’re not alone,
Beautiful bride and wife,
She needs you, you need her!

Congratulations on your wedding, our son,

We wish you to live a hundred years with your wife in love,
Give birth to children, raise them with dignity,
Become a big family and very friendly!

So that peace reigns in the family, love was,

Over time, not sluggish, but bloomed,
To love and respect
Congratulations on the wedding from the groom’s parents
Dear children, happy holiday to you, happy your wedding day. Our beloved son, may you succeed in becoming a brave defender of your family and a real head, may your wonderful spouse sincerely love and cherish you, may your cup always be filled with goodness and happiness, may your life together be bright and long.
Congratulations on the wedding from the bride’s parents
Our dear children, congratulations on this wonderful event, on your wedding. Now our daughter is in a strong embrace and under reliable protection. We wish you, our beloved, to build a strong and prosperous family, we wish you long years of health and sincere love, we wish you great success and good prosperity, we wish you bright joy and tenderness. And let us wish ourselves healthy and strong grandchildren.
Congratulations on the wedding beautiful words from parents
Our lovely children! The peculiarity of today is not in the celebration, not in the rich table, snow-white dress and a large number of guests. Today is the day when you radically changed your destiny. Now you are together. We really want you to understand that family life is not only about joy. Anything can happen, and a strong family is the one that knows how to cope with all
Congratulations from parents for the wedding of the young
Today is a holiday of two hearts,
We are celebrating your wedding.
Let the bright shine of your rings
Protects you from problems.

Holy Parent Council

Let it help you forever in life.
And your eyes are a happy light
Let it never fade away.

Save holy love

In our hearts we wish you.
Give more grandchildren,
We will bring them up together with you.

Live happily ever after.

Do not allow doubts, quarrels.
Let your new family
It grows over the
Congratulations to parents at the wedding of the newlyweds
Our dear children.
We give you bread and salt,
Our parting words to you in this world
Everything was divided in half.

Will there be joy or sorrow-

Avoid personal dramas,
Concede to each other in a dispute,
You need to learn.

Live by faith and the law,

Do not look for an easy life,
Welcome relatives, friends,
Respect father and mother.

There will be children, there will be grandchildren,

Everything will go its own way.
Husband, take your wife in
Wedding greetings from parents in prose
Our beloved children, dear newlyweds! On this joyful day, we wish you happiness, smiles and joy for a long family life! Let it look like a wonderful holiday, and the honeymoon never ends! Let the ringing children’s voices sound in your home! And the house will be filled with joy, laughter, smiles! Respect and take care of each other! Remember that to live a life, do not cross the field!
Touching congratulations from parents at the wedding
On this memorable and happy day,
We want to say so much,
Words both warm and very beautiful
And with all my heart I wish:
Bright happiness, great happiness,
A lot of joy, a lot of love,
Daughter – the first, son – the second,
A strong, friendly, cheerful family!
So that there is tenderness and freedom,
So that the circle of friends does not decrease,
Be happy for many
Original congratulations at the wedding from parents
Our lovely and beloved children! I would like to wish you long love, beautiful smart children, prosperity and respect for each other! Do not be afraid of troubles, they are not terrible to you if you are united. Support each other in any endeavors. We wish you to become a model for other young families. Stand up for each other like a mountain!
Congratulations to children on their wedding day from parents
Love has united you, turning you into one family,
I gave you joy, happiness, my bright eternity!
Congratulations, dear ones, on your wedding from the bottom of my heart,
May all the days be good in life, young ones!

Take the punishment from your parents as soon as possible:

Let luck shine in life every day and every hour, Let feelings grow stronger over the years, like good wine,
Understanding will be with you, affection,
Congratulations from parents at their daughter’s wedding
Our beloved daughter! In all fairy tales, everything ends with a wedding. But know that the wedding is just the beginning. The beginning of a long and happy family life. This is the very beginning of love, not just a passionate infatuation. This is the beginning of your children’s lives. And in order for your family’s life to last and please you both, you, my daughter, must be wise, patient