Cool congratulations to the bride for the wedding
Don’t rush, don’t worry – you’re so good!
The groom does not take his eyes off you, not breathing.
Even the sun, admiring from the heavenly heights
With your beauty, it slowed down a little!

Your house will be full of cloudless happiness,

It will be ringing with laughter ringing in it,
And trouble will not be able to approach him!
And love will never leave you!
Funny greetings for a friend’s wedding
Dear friend today
We are successfully getting married.
Therefore, we wish you a friendly,
In advance and for later:

To cope with everything perfectly,

To be a mistress and a gentle doe,
On the husband and on the world, of course,
Look with happy eyes.

To always succeed,

You always keep shining.
To create and dream –
We will check it out!
Congratulations to the groom for the wedding are cool
We congratulate you on your wedding day,
We wish you happiness and good.
Let everything in your life be neat,
And let it not be cool in your pants.

So that your wife is like a holiday,

So that she is faithful to you in everything.
I gave you comfort and care,
And sent you to work with kisses.
Cool congratulations from parents for the wedding
To make life great,
Young, at this hour
By parental right
I want to give you a command.
First of all, understand —
It all depends on you,
Do not expect gifts from fate,
Business is a day, fun is an hour!
What has been obtained with your own labor —
Only bring your house to your house,
A lot will be gained,
If you work together.
If suddenly there is a quarrel
Or someone will scream,
The winner of the dispute
The one
Cool wedding greetings from relatives
Congratulations accept
On a beautiful day from relatives.
Let love keep you warm,
Let the passion boil in the blood.

You have become a strong family,

Prosperity only to you.
Respect, understanding
Let it be a shield from dramas.

Always store carefully

There is a warm light in my heart.
Let the tracks all through life
The threshold is led to the native one.
Funny congratulations on your sister’s wedding day
We give you, sister, For a husband – here, handsome knight!..
Live happily together
And multiply and multiply!
Yes, husband, as now, wrapped,
And kisses remembering these,
The same hot love for you
And after five decades!
We wish you, son-in-law,
In a poor, viscous life
Your sister – your bride – to take
And surround with warmth and affection.
Congratulations on the wedding funny with the delivery of money
Congratulations to you guys,
Became husband and wife,
And these bills are now —
A gift from my glorious heart.

Let them replenish the budget,

Let them bring your goal closer,
May you always have enough funds
For caviar and a cocktail.
Funny congratulations on the wedding beautifully
What do you really need for happiness,
We more or less seem to know –
Work — decent, salary — excellent,
So that after taxes it remains decent!
To have a villa or just a summer cottage,
To have stashes in euros and dollars!
To the groom — Toyota, to the Bride — Nissan,
And to have a leather sofa in the salon!
A cozy home, warmth and care,
So that the laughter in this house sounds carefree!
To vacation
Short congratulations on the wedding day are cool
Happy wedding day to you! We wish to use rolling pins and frying pans only for their intended purpose, and handcuffs – only in secrecy and not for their intended purpose!
Funny greetings for the wedding with the presentation of gifts
Our gift is suitable –
Three rustling bills,
Congratulations in an envelope.
Get it and check it out!
We thought it was
Plus the family budget.
To tell you the truth, it’s not easy to start from scratch!
But there is already a start, which means
We wish you good luck.
And spend this money
On Marinka or Petya –
For your favorite child:
Nipples, diapers, diapers…
However, here the wife and husband
It is unlikely that instruction is needed.
We now have only
The newlyweds
Funny wedding greetings from friends
Friends, on the wedding day we want to wish you,
Of course, a happy, long, bright life.
Let life never bother you,
And the husband to fulfill his wife’s whims.

Let happiness, joy, peace and children’s laughter

It will fill your house to the brim, with excess.
We wish you no hindrances in your life
And meet every new day with a smile.
Funny wedding greetings in verse
Be healthy, live richly,
As much as your salary will allow you.
But know that salaries are always not enough,
Shake all the ancestors – they will add to you.
You have twice as many parents,
Love them harder, stay longer.
Don’t be afraid of booties, don’t be afraid of diapers –
Give birth to boys, give birth to girls.
But children bother parents,
Throw them to the grandmothers – they will educate.
But most of all I wish, however,
Funny sms greetings for the wedding
Let the sky be clear above you,
Let life be kind and bright.
Live surrounded by friends,
And all the best to you, health and warmth!
Funny congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding
The clink of glasses, the glitter of rings
A legitimate marriage is a crown of love.
You were a simple couple,
And today — husband and wife.

The bonds of Hymen are strong

You were tied up — that’s for sure.
Mendelssohn’s waltz struck —
We have come to congratulate you.

We wish happiness to the young,

And patience, and participation,
So that until late gray hair
You will go through life together.

Together, what does that mean?

To share
Funny wedding greetings in prose
Congratulations on the wedding and we wish you to be like at a resort all your life: bask in the rays of warmth, protect yourself from burns with jealousy, easily go with the flow in the boat of love, buy each other cute gifts and souvenirs – cars, fur coats, gold jewelry. Together, by the hand, climb the career ladder and enjoy watching your kids play next to you.