Original congratulations for the wedding of my sister
My dear sister – you are the most beautiful and happy at your wedding! I wish you to always remain the same amazing! I wish you great happiness! I wish your family mutual understanding and such love, which will only get stronger every day. I wish you happiness and harmony! Well-being! Always understand, cherish and appreciate each other!
Congratulations on the wedding day to my sister in verse
My little sister is sweet, dear!
I heartily congratulate you on your wedding!
Today you become a wife!
May happiness be with you forever!
Let peace and grace reign in the family,
Prosperity – so as not to count,
Let your plans come true,
Any dreams will hurry to come true!
A strong mutual love
Let your hearts burn again and again,
Let him give tenderness every day and hour.
And let everything be colorful for you!
Congratulations to the younger sister for the wedding
I remember when I was a kid, you were always standing on the sidelines,
The youngest of all, a beautiful, capricious sister!
I even remember how little you were,
In front of my eyes, you grew up with your sister
Right now, well, look at them all, pretty woman!
And for your husband, you are even brighter than the sun
Congratulations to me as an older sister,
In marriage, be loved you always!
Congratulations to the older sister for the wedding
Sister – what happiness!
The union of two big hearts,
Dreams come true: today in a white dress
Your beloved leads you down the aisle.
He got lucky with you a lot,
There are no more people like you in the world,
Smart, gentle, perky and beautiful,
Be happy for many years!
Congratulations in prose on your sister’s wedding
My incredible little sister! Today is your wedding day, one of the most beautiful days in your life. You got married, and now you have your own family. I congratulate you on the fact that you have really found the person you love and who has become the most dear to you! I wish you every day to be the happiest for you! I wish your young family strong love,
Congratulations on the sister’s wedding in beautiful words
Today is a special day in the life of our family – we are giving you in marriage, beloved sister. I sincerely wish that your new role, the role of your spouse, will please you. And know this: a happy wife is not the one who is perfect, but the one who is beloved. Therefore, love you in your legal marriage!
Congratulations to my sister on her wedding day are touching
Beloved sister,
Today you are the bride!
I wish you happiness
And many wonderful days.

You have made your choice,

The groom is worthy of you.
Adversities and sorrows
Don’t let them bother you.

Keep your love

And don’t lose your feelings,
Start kids
And create a holiday.
Congratulations on the wedding of a cousin
I congratulate you on your wedding day,
I wish that you were always cheerful!
Let love not play stubbornness in the heart
Let luck always ask to come to your house,
The need for finances, you and your husband did not know,
There was a victory in all competitions,
And let happiness always be only with you,
Fate, so that the obstacles are removed from the way!
Congratulations of a brother at a sister’s wedding
Beloved sister, you are the best,
I love you and sincerely wish,
Let the shine of your life not go out,
Merry eyes of yours. And I dream,
That you were a beloved wife,
Beautiful, successful always,
To be married, like behind a wall,
May your seed be happy.