Sincere congratulations on the wedding in your own words
Your family was born today. Take care of her, appreciate and respect her. Let there be only joy in your life, let the dream always come true. Let the hearts warmed by love beat in unison. We wish you a bright gorenje of one love, but for you two. May your road always be bright, may your family be strong and friendly. Advice to you yes love. Let hope, faith
Congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding in their own words
Wedding is a joyful event in the life of the newlyweds. So that joy does not leave you in the future, live in love and harmony. Let loyalty, hard work, mutual understanding be your companions in family life, and then warmth, comfort and sunny smiles will reign in the house. Where kindness and mutual assistance live, love lives there. We sincerely congratulate you and wish you boundless family happiness!
Congratulations on the wedding in your own words from mom
Kids, you are just made for each other! On the wedding day, as a mother, I wish you a wonderful feeling of love, a sparkle in happy eyes and spiritual closeness. Let this memorable day be remembered for many years with pure feelings, great hopes and delight that you evoke in each other. Sweet and long life to you!
Congratulations on the wedding in your own words to tears
Our dear, dear and beloved newlyweds! I cordially congratulate you on your Wedding Day! I wish that your eyes would look at each other with the same love in fifty years! The feeling that has taken all the place in your hearts, let it not fade away, does not go away, but only grows stronger over the years, becomes wise, sincere and very warm! Be a support to each other
Congratulations to the groom for the wedding in his own words
Our dear son! We heartily congratulate you on (daughter-in-law’s name) the most joyful event in your life! We wish your newly-made family prosperity and great love, and we wish that your feelings become stronger every day and you never lose respect for each other. Honor your wife, remember that she is a fragile woman who needs your support and wants to see in you not only a loved one, but
Congratulations on the wedding of a friend in your own words
Congratulations, dear friend, here it is your happiness is already knocking at the door and promises a happy family life. Be always so joyful and bright, remain that star that calls to unknown heights. Love to you and your husband and long years together!
Congratulations at the wedding to the bride in your own words
Congratulations on your wedding day. I wish you to turn from the most beautiful bride into the most wonderful spouse. Let the road together be easy, let your family grow happy, let your spouse’s shoulder be always there, let harmony and love always live in your hearts.
Touching congratulations on the wedding day in your own words
Dear newlyweds, I want to congratulate you on a wonderful day in your life! Let him be remembered by you, and the happiness that you are experiencing now, and the joy that overwhelms you, may they never be forgotten. I would like to wish your hearts to be loving and forgiving towards each other, and your spirit to be firm in any life situations. Let all the congratulations and wishes
Congratulations to the young at the wedding in their own words
Dear newlyweds, please accept my sincere congratulations on such a solemn day for you. You have changed your status from bride and groom to husband and wife. We wish you great happiness, peaceful sky, lots of joy. Let your home be filled with love and children’s laughter. May all wishes come true by all means. Let the brightest star illuminate your life path. I advise you to give love, all
Congratulations to your sister for the wedding in your own words
Dear sister, on your wedding day, I ask you to accept sincere congratulations and the warmest wishes of good health to you and your spouse, great and rosy happiness for your whole life together, a peaceful sky under which your wonderful children will grow up and stable well-being, in where you will be able to realize all your dreams.
Congratulations on the wedding to your brother in your own words
My wonderful brother! I am insanely happy for you, because today you have acquired your little happiness, which every person dreams of and which not everyone is destined to get. You made a great choice, because your bride is good and beautiful. I wish you all the most beautiful things in this world. Let all the plans that you have built come true and your life will be joyful and
Simple wedding greetings in your own words
When a person is not alone, when his soul mate is finally found, it’s time to get a taste of happiness and find wings to fly to the ends of the world hand in hand with his love! I congratulate the newlyweds on the conclusion of the sacred marriage union and wish them happiness! May the sun always shine and good luck smile for them!
The best wedding greetings in your own words
The secret of happiness is attention to each other. The happiness of life is made up of individual minutes, of small pleasures — from a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment and countless small but kind thoughts and sincere feelings. Love needs daily support, I wish you to remember this in order to be truly happy. And may everything always be fine in your home. Take care
Beautiful congratulations on the wedding day in your own words
My dears, from the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate you on a significant event in your life. I would like to wish you a lot. Cherish the feelings that you have for each other now. Take care of each other, surround each other with care. Let no difficulties cloud your life. I wish you more romance and vivid impressions in your life, and also to be a
Congratulations to parents at the wedding in their own words
Our dear and wonderful children, we congratulate you on your wedding day. We would like to wish you one bright and great happiness for two. May the Lord protect your family, may your house never be empty, may cheerful and sonorous children’s voices appear in it, may luck and luck be with you every day.
Short congratulations for the wedding in your own words
Let this wedding be loud and fun. I wish endless romance of feelings and unquenchable happiness of family life to our wonderful newlyweds.