Congratulations to the daughter for the wedding in prose
Dear and beloved daughter! There have been changes in your world and spices have been added, which were so lacking. Spices under the name: the love of a man, the care of a man, happiness from being held in the arms of a man, understanding a man, talking about nothing with a man, proving to the father of his child what the child should wear and what not. All these
Congratulations to the bride for the wedding in prose
Our princess, you have already grown up, today you are wearing a wedding dress, which means that it’s time to leave your parents’ house. We are very happy that we were able to raise such a beautiful and clever daughter. Today your eyes shine brighter than all the stars on the planet, and your smile lights up this whole hall. Next to you is a wonderful man who loves you,
Wedding greetings to friends in prose
I congratulate you on your solemn wedding. It was a great honor for me not only to be present at your wedding, but also to act as an honorary witness. I can’t describe all the feelings that are boiling in my soul right now. I am infinitely happy for my best friend, who has finally found such a beautiful soul mate. Today you look just great, I wish you to
Congratulations to my brother for the wedding in prose
My beloved brother, on this day you became not just a happy man, but also the head of your family, its support and reliable defender. I wish you to always experience the joy of family happiness, to keep love and fidelity in your marriage for many years to come. May your home always be full of children’s laughter, prosperity, warmth and comfort.
Beautiful congratulations on the wedding day in prose
Let the eternity that your rings symbolize begin for your family today, and let it be infinitely happy and fabulously beautiful. And let your eyes, as they are now, shine with the wonderful fire of love and after many years of living together, so that you can put love into the hearts of your children.
Congratulations on the wedding day in prose original
I congratulate the young people and wish them endless family happiness at a warm hearth, passionate nights, pleasant awakening in each other’s arms, fullness of feelings, tenderness and mutual understanding! Let there be no marriage in your marriage, and the feelings will be long and strong. Bitterly!
Congratulations on the wedding in prose touching
Today is an unforgettable day for your family. Let it be remembered for you as the beginning of a long journey in life. Step through life in step, give each other a reliable shoulder and share the common joy. Advice to you yes love!
Words of congratulations on the wedding day in prose
Today is the most fabulous and beautiful day in my life. A new family is being born today. There are many days of happiness, love and joys ahead of us. Now you two have the same destiny. Everything will have to be divided in half. Let grief and troubles bypass you, and a strong and cohesive union will not allow harm to the health of the family. I wish you
Congratulations on the wedding in prose is short
We wish you, newlyweds, gentle and pure love, like a snow-white veil. Relationships are beautiful, like a charming bouquet of the bride. Moments as sweet as a wedding cake. And sparkling happiness, like champagne in your glasses!
Congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding in prose
My dear newlyweds. Today you are going on a journey through the country of family life. Your parents can become your guides. Ask them for advice. Appreciate their experience and love. Take an example from them and try to become an even stronger married couple. Let the city of “Love” make you the happiest. Settle down to live on the street of “Financial Well-being”. In the house of “Health”, next
Sincere congratulations on the wedding day in prose
You met on Earth for a reason, it was decided from above. Fate brought you together so that you could create a family and take care of each other. To give the joy of life to your children, because children in the house are a great happiness. Respect each other, love, trust. Let your home be cozy and warm. Let laughter always sound and pies smell delicious. May family happiness
Good wedding greetings in prose
Dear newlyweds! Today is the happiest day of your life! Today you have concluded an honest and noble union, the union of two loving hearts! So let it always be so! Love each other, appreciate each other, take care of each other! Let love and happiness, peace and harmony, health and luck settle in your house! Let the joyful children’s voices not stop! Bitterly!
Congratulations to a friend for a wedding in prose
Our dear friend, today you left the circle of unmarried girls, today you became a wife. Congratulations to you and your wonderful spouse. We wish you, dear, to always honor your husband and delight him with delicious dishes, waiting with a smile on your face after work, we wish that your husband idolized you, loved you madly and simply doted on you. Advice yes love to you, happiness and joy!
Congratulations to my sister for the wedding in prose
My dear sister! Today is one of the most important and exciting days in your life! You have tied the knot with your beloved and only man, who has become the meaning of life and a reliable support for you! It is not easy to find your man in this vast world, but you were able to do it and today you have become his wife. I want to wish