Short congratulations to Dad on his birthday in his own words
My beloved daddy! I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you boundless health, everyday well-being and longevity.
Short birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Dad, health to you, bright years,
So that there is always a hearty lunch on the table,
So that health does not fail,
And your soul was warm.
A cheerful birthday greeting to Dad is beautiful
My daddy, my hero!
You are my authoritative!
Happy birthday to congratulate
I’m in a hurry, my dear!

I am proud to be in this world

I have a support.
Resolve any case
For you, it’s bullshit.

You protect your home, your family.

You’re covering yourself
Us from troubles and from insults.
Be you invulnerable!

Strong dad, be happy!

And always look ahead!
I’m sure with my mom
Everything will happen with us.
Congratulations on the 45th anniversary of the pope
Happy anniversary to you,
Dad, congratulations,
At 45 years old together
We wish you happiness.

We wish you to be

Cheerful and healthy,
Always help with advice
Or a kind word.

To have a successful career

And prosperity to grow,
So that it is always easy to solve
You have any question.

You will always be for us

An unbreakable wall,
We are proud of you,
Dad, our beloved.
SMS greeting happy birthday to Dad in your own words
Daddy, happy birthday. I wish you to always be at the peak of success and prosperity, may your life be happy, beautiful, cheerful and lucky.
Sms congratulations to my father on his birthday in verse
I congratulate Dad from the bottom of my heart!
Give up, darling, do not rush!
Be healthy, young, full of energy,
After all, every plan is feasible!
Tender birthday greetings to Dad are beautiful
To have everything at work
Simple, successful and easy!
Let’s smile more often,
And enjoy life,
Stay in the same spirit
The most combative,
The strongest and healthiest,
The golden pope!
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the pope
Beloved daddy,
On the big anniversary,
Be the happiest,
Get richer with good!

Let life be ringing

And pouring champagne,
Health will reach
Gigantic sizes,

Luck will cover

A diamond wave,
And the heart will fill
Comfort and peace!

Let the family be happy

You will be gifted,
And the days will become sweeter
In your fifties!
Happy birthday greetings to your stepfather in your own words
You have become a part of our family, a support for Mom, a wise adviser for me. Thanks to you, Mom has become happier and for me this is the most important thing. On this day, from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you patience, good luck, ease in all matters and, of course, great happiness! You are a good, kind, understanding person, giving us your love
Humorous birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Dad is our host in the house!
He’s the real head!
What did Mom say about him:
Our Daddy’s head!

The work of the master is afraid –

It’s definitely about him!
And don’t be lazy to learn it
With us together at the same time!

Mom is always calm with him,

He is an authority for us!
Happy Birthday, dear Dad!
The house will be warmed by Your warmth!
Birthday greetings to dad from daughter
You are my support and support,
The best dad on this Earth,
I wish you space for work,
Relax, as you like!

Happy anniversary! Let the joy be simple

Decorates all bright days.
Having fun, wondering, dreaming,
Achieving success, live!
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary of the pope
My most beloved daddy in the world,
Put on a wider smile on your anniversary,
I wish you in these fifty-five
I could easily make my dreams come true!

I want to wish you steel health,

And the mood is always groovy,
Let happiness rejoice, daddy, in the chest,
After all, there is so much waiting for you ahead!
Daughter congratulates father on his birthday in her own words
Dear father, I congratulate you on your birthday! I am very glad that I have such a strong, dear and close person. I wish you many happy years. So that you always feel loved, so that your friends and family always support you. So that your life will be filled with joyful experiences and happy meetings!
Funny birthday greetings to my father in verse
I have a great dad,
It is better not to find it.
And today, on my birthday,
I want to tell him:

My daddy, congratulations,

You’re the coolest of fathers.
And I wish you
Be good every day!

I wish you happiness

And be healthy like a bull.
Let the years only paint you,
And be young in your soul!
Birthday greetings to Dad from his son
Was an example and support,
This is in childhood, and now,
We can talk on equal terms,
And the soviets are top class.

Be always healthy,

So as not to lose your skills,
It is necessary soon, after all, and grandchildren
To instruct and teach.
Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the pope
Live, dear father, and get younger,
About what happened, do not regret,
Don’t forget about what you have, blow out 60 candles on the cake in one gulp.

We sincerely wish you good health, joy, fun on your birthday,

Let your house be a full cup,
And life is more beautiful from year to year.
The son congratulates his father on his birthday in his own words
Father, I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! As the universe has no boundaries, so there are no limits to my respect and gratitude for your kind heart, for your support, responsiveness and understanding. I wish you the same immense happiness, well-being and, most importantly, health.
Happy birthday greetings to the best dad in verse
I congratulate Dad on his birthday.
How much I want to say,
Wish him good luck, good luck
And, of course, wish him happiness.

Wish patience where it is necessary,

So that old dreams come true,
So that luck comes as a reward
For patience, will and hard work.

And I also wish you good health

And forget the way to the doctors,
So that instead of medicine and tinctures
Take amber cognac.

I congratulate Dad on his birthday,

Congratulations to Dad on the anniversary from children
Daddy is our native. Happy anniversary to you! May your health be like that of a hero. You’re a man in the prime of his life. Let life give you only pleasant surprises and pamper you with pleasant events more often!
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary of the pope
Wise look and clear mind,
Full of bright, fresh thoughts,
Nobility sample –
I’m proud of you, Father!

You have achieved everything yourself,

Without resorting to miracles,
So let fate now
He will reward you with good!

Grandchildren will warm up on the anniversary

And there will be no days for boredom!
Have fun and relax,
Get a taste of life!

You’re only sixty—five –

There is a lot to convey!
Live happily ever after,
Keep youth in your heart!