Creative birthday greetings to Dad in prose
My dear dad, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish to feel confident in any life situation, I wish to find the right way to solve any problem. Let your health be strong, like a stone, let your home be full of happiness and native smiles.
Sincere birthday greetings to Dad in verse
On this day, I’m standing with gifts for a reason,
I am now thanking my dear father for his love.
I’ll write simple words to him on a postcard,
And I will not allow you to be sad today for anything.
I wish you happiness in life and family warmth,
So that a smile and support are waiting for him every day.
So that everything works out in the work, so that friends don’t let you
Sincere birthday greetings to Dad beautiful
I have been very lucky since birth,
And my luck is endless,
I am the daughter of the daddy of the best,
And today, on his birthday

I say: thank you, dear,

That you are, that you are so wonderful,
I feel comfortable, calm, warm with you,
I’m grateful to you for everything, Dad.

I want to wish the fortress spirit,

To the heart – youth, to the body – vigor,
To your kind soul – serenity,
And the
Funny birthday greetings to Dad in prose
My beloved daddy, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you the wisdom of Solomon and the prosperity of Caesar, the firmness of Stalin and a creative mind like Einstein. Daddy, always be the strongest and coolest, the best and super.
Family congratulations to Dad on his birthday in verse
Strong and wise,
Prominent, tall.
By the hour – joking,
Sometimes – very strict.
You can do it so… royally
To protect us all from the storm of everyday life.
Dad, dear, you accept on your birthday
Toasts, gifts and all congratulations.
May your life always be happy!
We love you and we’ll all say, “Thank you!”
Unusual birthday greetings to Dad beautiful
Let’s raise our glasses to Dad,
For the fact that there is such a person in the world –
He taught only faith and truth,
Keeping the pedigree honor.

Gave me so many examples,

Taught to respect and love,
And I would certainly like to live a decent life.

Thank you my good,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart –
There are no relatives in the world and more expensive,
Your real hand!
Comic birthday greetings to Dad in prose
Daddy, let your soul sing on your birthday, and the guests are eager to dance, and toasts are raised only for your health. I wish you to remain a cool pepper, I wish you to be able and able to do everything, I wish the euphoria of happiness and patriarchy in our family.
Touching congratulations to Dad on his birthday in verse
Thank you, daddy, for everything:
Love, patience and affection,
For your kind heart
And a life like a fairy tale.

Let the birthday fate

Bless you with good luck,
Will give you joy in full
And bright happiness to boot!
Beautiful birthday greetings to your own dad
We wish you happiness on your birthday
Our dad is sweet, dear.
To the victory of the eternal striving!
For us, you are, as always, a hero.

Health, so as not to fail,

Fate was kind to you,
Luck loved so much,
That she could not leave.

Let there be inspiration in the soul,

And a fiery fire in the heart,
And failures will not cool down,
While it’s burning hot.
Funny birthday greetings to Dad in your own words
Daddy dear, happy birthday to you. I wish you that your pockets are torn from the weight of money, that your head is spinning with happiness and love, that the table in the house is full of delicious and delicious dishes, that your capabilities always exceed all your needs.
Children’s birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Daddy is cute, dear and beloved
Celebrating his birthday.
Be our cherished love,
During the day under the sun, at night – under the moon.

So that you don’t know what fatigue is,

So that life smiles at you.
So that everything always succeeds
You have in your strong destiny.

Dad, you are our role model,

He warmed everyone with his care.
And the wishes sound from the heart,
On this day from your beloved children!
Beautiful birthday greetings to dad poem
Happy birthday, my dear Dad!
Years only make you men beautiful,
And now you are wise, strong and cheerful
Age is not lord over you.

Always be healthy, my beloved dad,

To know without knowing boredom and melancholy,
Manage your affairs deftly
And take the most out of life!
Congratulations to Dad on his birthday in his own words with humor
My dear daddy, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you to be cheerful and carefree like Winnie the Pooh, smart and fair like a Rabbit, sympathetic and kind like a Piglet, direct and respected like an Owl, joyful and shining like an Eeyore donkey on your birthday.
Poems happy birthday to Dad to tears
For the fact that you know how to be friends correctly,
For delicacy and the ability to forgive,
For titanic nerves of steel,
Persistent desire to save,

For a powerful mind, for wise decisions,

Which bring results,
For concentration, for courage, patience,
For a kind, honest and open look,

For grandiosity and for a sense of proportion,

For having learned a lot,
For being for us, for everyone, by example,
For having achieved a lot!

For accuracy and for

Beautiful birthday greetings to dear dad
My father, the best, the most beloved,
You have no idea how dear you are to me,
You are so wise, kind, strong, beautiful,
You’re like a real knight on horseback to me.

You will always come to the rescue, I know that for sure,

You will be able to listen, understand and protect,
Happy holiday, dear daddy, I congratulate you,
Only you can be such a father!
Funny birthday greetings to Dad in your own words
My dear daddy, happy birthday to you. I want to wish a life as sweet as jam, but only so that all sorts of flies don’t climb into it, I wish that every day was like Sunday, so that hot tea and sweet cookies were at the family table.
Beautiful birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Happy birthday, my dad!
We are all lucky with you
Our beloved, our native,
The best and coolest.

You will always help in everything,

Yes, you can’t add up the price.
Behind you like behind a wall,
Daddy is sweet, dear.

You are in labor – the leading man

And has not wilted over the years
You won’t find a better pro,
You teach young people.

Do you like sports, movies, fishing,

Songs, dances to the hurdy-gurdy.
And you adore your
Beautiful quatrain happy birthday to Dad
Dad, you have no equal in the world!
You are irreplaceable for us, Father!
Your advice has always been the most important,
It’s just that you’re doing well in life!
Short congratulations to Dad on his birthday in his own words
My beloved daddy! I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you boundless health, everyday well-being and longevity.
Short birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Dad, health to you, bright years,
So that there is always a hearty lunch on the table,
So that health does not fail,
And your soul was warm.