Congratulations to Dad on his daughter’s birthday in his own words
On a wonderful holiday, I want to congratulate the most important man in my life — my daddy. Daddy, I wish you good health, happiness, prosperity, success in everything! And be sure that your family is always ready to support you and loves and appreciates you very much. Happy Birthday!
Congratulations to Dad on his daughter’s birthday in prose
Daddy, I congratulate you on your birthday. My dear, dear, beloved, I wish you a pure deep well of inspiration, a transparent lake of hope, a stormy river of success and good luck, a noisy waterfall of joy and fun, a boundless ocean of happiness and love. Daddy, stay strong, healthy, confident, caring and our most wonderful man.
Sincere congratulations to Dad on his daughter’s birthday
The Lord gave you to me as a father,
I thank him,
After all, Daddy, you are the best,
I love you so much!

Again I see that warmth

In fatherly eyes,
With whom you rocked me
A baby in his arms.

May the Lord protect

And will not let evil,
So that it warms us all for a long time
There is warmth in your eyes.
Beautiful birthday greetings to dad from daughter
Daddy, dear, today, as always, I’m in a hurry to you, I want to hug you so much and, as if in childhood, feel how all fears have disappeared. Health and longevity to you. You have always been strong, and stay that way, so that in the future I will have a place to hide from my fears, because your embrace is the most reliable place in the world for
Congratulations to Dad on his daughter’s birthday in verse
Dear dad, happy birthday!
For me, you are my hero,
A role model,
Strong, smart, strong-willed!

Hardworking and serious,

And sometimes you’re a joker,
A list of all your virtues
Immense and great!

These qualities are simple

I always appreciate you!
And for them I respect,
And for them I love you!

Therefore, I wish you,

That you remain like this –
The best, the coolest,
Infinitely young!
Congratulations to daddy from daughter happy birthday to tears
I want to congratulate dad today,
There is no more reliable man in the world.
I will not keep silent about my wishes,
Health let me be a car,

Wagons of luck, trolleys of love

And a whole sea of smiles.
Let the ships pass by alarms,
And let there be fewer mistakes.

I keep your advice in my soul,

They help, I know.
I love you, I can’t live without you,
I dream of a husband like you.

Happy birthday to Dad from an adult daughter
In this world, sometimes very difficult
I can handle any obstacle.
I feel calm, easy and reliable,
Because my daddy is around.
My father is the best for me!
He is the wisest, the strongest and the bravest.
He teaches me a lot,
He solves problems skillfully.
The man is my dear and beloved,
Happy birthday to you!
Be kept by fate and heaven.
Let your soul not know sadness.
Let your health get stronger over the years,
Adversity is bypassed by the
Congratulations to the best father on his daughter’s birthday
My defender, my hero,
Daddy is sweet and dear!
Congratulations, hugs,
I sincerely wish you –
Be healthy, live long,
Smile, don’t grieve,
Happiness, joy, good luck,
So that all tasks are solved!
I have since the end of time
The best of fathers!
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved dad from your daughter
Beloved dad, happy birthday,
Today is your holiday only.
I want to wish you good health,
Good luck and peace of mind.

Mom and I love you very much,

We are ready for anything for you.
You are kinder and better for us all,
After all, we are your father – your family.

Thank you Dad for everything big,

For what you once did for me.
I respect and am proud of you,
I am happy that your daughter
Congratulations to Dad from daughters happy birthday
A short birthday greeting to dad from his daughter
Daddy, I respect, love, idolize,
You’re the best in the world, I’m serious!
Handsome, strong and strong, not at all old yet,
I will look for a similar husband for myself!
Original birthday greetings to dad from his daughter
Congratulations to Dad on the holiday,
I sincerely wish you –
Let success come sooner,
Don’t let it let you down

Male intuition,

Logic does not leave,
May success accompany you,
Always be the strongest!
Congratulations to a good dad on his daughter’s birthday
My wonderful dad, congratulations
Take it quickly from your daughter!
Happy birthday, beloved daddy,
Every year you become wiser!

I want to wish you good health,

Do not lose interest, taste of life,
So that your enthusiasm, optimism
Inspire our whole big family!
Funny birthday greetings to dad from his daughter
In our state, under the divan kingdom
The best, very wise king rules.
He’s completely at home with his rebelliousness.
The remote keeps the heart like the holy Grail.

We will wish him loudly with our soul

To rule for a long time, to be on top.
Let his treasury be full of gold,
So that happiness is even in the hustle and bustle.

And of course the rest will be in the Maldives,

Funny birthday greetings to dad from daughter
I’m here for you today, Dad,
I am in a hurry to wish, loving,
Old age is harmful to paw
I couldn’t get you,

So that you were strong, my dear,

Like the mythical Hercules,
The tail of luck was to be caught
And clenched forever in a fist,

Don’t get sick, my good,

Never known trouble,
I have never met a black cat,
The neighbor returned the debts,

And mom didn’t grumble

On you for nothing,
At lunch poured
Even a