Short birthday greetings to Dad in prose
Dad, stay the same positive, strong, brave, patient, fair, kind, courageous, wise, loyal, unpredictable, sane, able to support by word and deed in a difficult situation.
Creative birthday greetings to Dad in prose
My dear dad, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish to feel confident in any life situation, I wish to find the right way to solve any problem. Let your health be strong, like a stone, let your home be full of happiness and native smiles.
Funny birthday greetings to Dad in prose
My beloved daddy, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you the wisdom of Solomon and the prosperity of Caesar, the firmness of Stalin and a creative mind like Einstein. Daddy, always be the strongest and coolest, the best and super.
Comic birthday greetings to Dad in prose
Daddy, let your soul sing on your birthday, and the guests are eager to dance, and toasts are raised only for your health. I wish you to remain a cool pepper, I wish you to be able and able to do everything, I wish the euphoria of happiness and patriarchy in our family.
Happy birthday greetings to Dad from the family in prose
Our father is not just the head of the family, the man behind whom we are all like behind a stone wall, but also the man who made mom happy, who was next to each of us in a difficult moment and selflessly gave his fatherly love! Happy birthday, our only, unique and most beloved dad! We love you very much and today we wish you to always, always remain
Congratulations to the father from the daughter on the birthday in prose
My beloved daddy! Today I’m fluttering like a little bird, and I want to tell you how happy I am that I grew up as a princess, and my father was a real king, with whom peace and quiet always reigned in our kingdom, that is, in our family! happy Birthday! Happiness to you, but not simple, not golden, but woven from the rays of the sun, stars and our
Congratulations to the father from the son on his birthday in prose
All my life, my father was the best example for me. Even when I was a green youth, Dad was my best friend, and instead of rebelling, I often asked him for advice, acted in accordance with them – and today I am very happy with my life! Father, I congratulate you on your birthday and I want to say thank you again for being such an exceptional person! I
Beautiful birthday greetings to my father in prose
Happy birthday, beloved daddy! Today we celebrate the most important holiday at home, because you are the most important and, like a captain, confidently guide our ship through the sea of life to reliable shores, not paying attention to the bad weather! May luck, fair wind and our faith in you accompany you!
Congratulations with warm words to Dad on his birthday in prose
My dear daddy, my congratulations are full of love and gratitude to you, my wishes are from goodness and joy. Let your birthday be cheerful and noisy, let everyone be bright and joyful next to you. We are very proud of you, you are always an example of nobility and courage for us, we love you.
Happy birthday greetings to your beloved daddy in prose
Dear daddy! I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday and sincerely wish you to always remain an example for your children. May health, endurance and love of life always accompany you. I wish you to fulfill all your long-standing dreams and realize all your plans. We really appreciate and respect you, we want you to be joyful and happy!
Congratulations to the pope from the heart on his birthday in prose
Dear and beloved daddy! I heartily congratulate you on your birthday. I wish, most importantly, good health, so that it does not fool around and does not let you down. I wish you success in your work and good relations with colleagues. So that all your plans and dreams come true, and you are happy, and we are side by side. I love you very much!
Big congratulations to Dad on his birthday in prose
Dear dad! You’ve just been born! Well, not today, but a few years ago – today! Congratulations on your birthday, this day is your personal holiday! I wish you a bright, bright, rosy future and an open, peaceful, blue sky over your head! I wish you to enjoy every minute of your life! May fate generously bestow you with warmth, bright love! Let your ideas live up to your expectations
Long birthday greetings to Dad in prose
Today we are the whole family, with great joy and wonderful mood, celebrating your next birthday! We are all insanely glad to be with you on such a significant day, and to give you words of love and gratitude! Thank you for your attitude towards us, for your boundless love, for your strength of spirit, which leads us forward to prosperity! Indeed, behind you, as behind a stone wall, you
Touching congratulations to Dad on his birthday in prose
Dear dad, I congratulate you with all the sincerity and warmth of my heart on the occasion of your birthday! I will ask heaven to make your life long and happy. I wish you that everything goes well with your work, so that all the things that you started ended with success. Be healthy! Don’t let your feelings with Mom cool down as the days go by. God grant that
Congratulations to Dad on his birthday in prose to tears
Father, you are the most courageous and kind person in the world. You have always been, are and will be an example for me! You are the person who always wants to imitate, because you do everything right! It was you who taught me everything good and kind in life! By your example, you infected me for life! Today, on your Birthday, I wish you that your love with your
Original birthday greetings to Dad in prose
The most courageous image in my memory is undoubtedly the image of my father. The support, the teacher, the owner in the house and the main authority is you. Thank you that you were, are and will be with me. Keep a positive attitude and faith in your strength for many years to come. And let you have what you want, and then life will be filled with joy and
Congratulations to the best dad on his birthday in prose
As a child, I believed and never tired of repeating that my dad is the best! Years have passed, I have grown up, and today, on his birthday, I can say that it is, my dad is the best in the world! He is the strongest, kindest, attentive, and his advice is more valuable than gold! I sincerely, with all my loving heart, wish my dad to be the happiest,