Family congratulations to Dad on his birthday in verse
Strong and wise,
Prominent, tall.
By the hour – joking,
Sometimes – very strict.
You can do it so… royally
To protect us all from the storm of everyday life.
Dad, dear, you accept on your birthday
Toasts, gifts and all congratulations.
May your life always be happy!
We love you and we’ll all say, “Thank you!”
Touching congratulations to Dad on his birthday in verse
Thank you, daddy, for everything:
Love, patience and affection,
For your kind heart
And a life like a fairy tale.

Let the birthday fate

Bless you with good luck,
Will give you joy in full
And bright happiness to boot!
Children’s birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Daddy is cute, dear and beloved
Celebrating his birthday.
Be our cherished love,
During the day under the sun, at night – under the moon.

So that you don’t know what fatigue is,

So that life smiles at you.
So that everything always succeeds
You have in your strong destiny.

Dad, you are our role model,

He warmed everyone with his care.
And the wishes sound from the heart,
On this day from your beloved children!
Poems happy birthday to Dad to tears
For the fact that you know how to be friends correctly,
For delicacy and the ability to forgive,
For titanic nerves of steel,
Persistent desire to save,

For a powerful mind, for wise decisions,

Which bring results,
For concentration, for courage, patience,
For a kind, honest and open look,

For grandiosity and for a sense of proportion,

For having learned a lot,
For being for us, for everyone, by example,
For having achieved a lot!

For accuracy and for

Beautiful birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Happy birthday, my dad!
We are all lucky with you
Our beloved, our native,
The best and coolest.

You will always help in everything,

Yes, you can’t add up the price.
Behind you like behind a wall,
Daddy is sweet, dear.

You are in labor – the leading man

And has not wilted over the years
You won’t find a better pro,
You teach young people.

Do you like sports, movies, fishing,

Songs, dances to the hurdy-gurdy.
And you adore your
Short birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Dad, health to you, bright years,
So that there is always a hearty lunch on the table,
So that health does not fail,
And your soul was warm.
Sms congratulations to my father on his birthday in verse
I congratulate Dad from the bottom of my heart!
Give up, darling, do not rush!
Be healthy, young, full of energy,
After all, every plan is feasible!
Humorous birthday greetings to Dad in verse
Dad is our host in the house!
He’s the real head!
What did Mom say about him:
Our Daddy’s head!

The work of the master is afraid –

It’s definitely about him!
And don’t be lazy to learn it
With us together at the same time!

Mom is always calm with him,

He is an authority for us!
Happy Birthday, dear Dad!
The house will be warmed by Your warmth!
Funny birthday greetings to my father in verse
I have a great dad,
It is better not to find it.
And today, on my birthday,
I want to tell him:

My daddy, congratulations,

You’re the coolest of fathers.
And I wish you
Be good every day!

I wish you happiness

And be healthy like a bull.
Let the years only paint you,
And be young in your soul!
Happy birthday greetings to the best dad in verse
I congratulate Dad on his birthday.
How much I want to say,
Wish him good luck, good luck
And, of course, wish him happiness.

Wish patience where it is necessary,

So that old dreams come true,
So that luck comes as a reward
For patience, will and hard work.

And I also wish you good health

And forget the way to the doctors,
So that instead of medicine and tinctures
Take amber cognac.

I congratulate Dad on his birthday,

Happy birthday poems to dad from daughter
I want to congratulate you on your birthday
And wish from the bottom of my heart
Health, happiness and luck…
And a bundle of money, not pennies!

Let luck smile,

Your dreams will come true.
Let everything in life succeed,
After all, you are the best in the world, Dad.

Accept congratulations from your daughter.

I want to be always healthy.
I want to say on my birthday,
That you are the best of all fathers.
Poems happy birthday to Dad from his son
Dad has always been an example to me,
He kept strict from childhood,
Taught good manners
And never offended!

I am grateful to you, Dad.

And on my birthday I want
I wish you good luck,
To say that I love you!

And I will be a good son,

So that my father can be proud of me.
And I will never leave you.
I’m always there, Dad, with you!
Sincere birthday greetings to Dad in verse
On this day, I’m standing with gifts for a reason,
I am now thanking my dear father for his love.
I’ll write simple words to him on a postcard,
And I will not allow you to be sad today for anything.
I wish you happiness in life and family warmth,
So that a smile and support are waiting for him every day.
So that everything works out in the work, so that friends don’t let you