Sms birthday greetings to the girl
You’re a girl – just great:
Laughter, enthusiasm, shining eyes!
You charge everyone with fun,
And a great mood!
Let everything be wonderful,
Bright, cool, interesting!
Children’s birthday greetings for girls
Happy birthday congratulations,
I wish you happiness,
Be cheerful and beautiful,
Kind, smart and happy,
Always make everyone happy with yourself –
And success will be waiting for you in life!
Birthday greetings to a 17-year-old girl
You’re a pretty big princess already
On your seventeenth birthday, I wish you happiness, a cheerful, successful and bright life, And on this day – words, flowers and gifts.

Let the birthday be joyful,

Good luck, kindness, understanding will give,
Let him give good luck, attention,
And fulfillment of cherished desires.
Congratulations on the birthday of twin girls
Happy birthday
You, dear twins,
And I wish you to grow
Healthy, happy.

So that they help each other,

Do not fight, do not quarrel,
So that the house does not fall silent
Two cheerful voices.

To give mom and dad

You are a double happiness
And shared the joy
Always among themselves.
Happy birthday greetings to a school-age girl
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations, honey,
Be always cheerful,
Healthy, happy.

School wish

Good luck and good luck,
In the life of the unsolvable
Do not meet the tasks.

To take tests and exams

You passed well,
Good luck to hold your hand.
Birthday greetings to a girl 18 years old
Eighteen ringing years!
You’re beautiful! No doubt about it!
Also be always beautiful,
In life, every moment is happy,
Be loved, cheerful,
Sweet to the white light,
We wish you good years,
Happy birthday congratulations!
Funny birthday greetings to a girl
happy Birthday! Happy Jam Day
Happiness, joy, fun
Sun, blue sky
Happiness in the life of the unearthly
To always be loved
Respected and appreciated
They carried you in their arms
And flowers were always given.
Happy birthday greetings to the girl in your own words
The sun, the pride of parents and the joy of friends! On your birthday, I sincerely wish you a happy future, an interesting present and warm memories of the past! Stay the same wonderful, kind, sweet, beautiful and smart girl!
Birthday greetings to a 16-year-old girl
Happy birthday, dear!
You have become older again.
Endlessly surprising
You are the radiance of beauty.
Soon you will graduate from school
There is a big life ahead
Be always so cheerful,
Strive for new joys!
And I wish you success in everything,
And miracles and magic!
More joy and laughter
And warmth.
Happy birthday greetings to a little girl
Our berry, grow,
Like the sun shine
Be smart, kind, happy,
Amazingly beautiful,
Always happy, sweet
And people are always loved!
Short birthday greetings to the girl
Happy birthday congratulations,
I wish you happiness,
Be cheerful and beautiful,
Kind, smart and happy,
Always make everyone happy with yourself –
And success will be waiting for you in life!
Funny birthday greetings to a girl
Every year you become more beautiful,
Older in mind and more beautiful in figure!
Soon you will turn into a girl,
And the grooms will be in line, princes!
Only conduct the strictest selection,
Immediately check the feelings, their horizons.
You’re a princess from birth,
A prince is worthy of a Mercedes!
Birthday greetings to a 6-year-old girl
You’re so adorable, fidget,
Always an interesting conversation with you,
You ask a hundred questions in a minute, you live carefree and fun.
Happy birthday, my girl,
You are already big, 6 years old,
May your fate be happy,
Learn and have fun always!
Birthday greetings to a 7-year-old girl
On this seven-year-old wonderful birthday,
I cordially congratulate this beautiful flower!
Postcards, cake with candles – everything for you, princess –
Let the stream of joy swirl in life!
The most loyal girlfriends, you study for five,
And I want to wish you good health!
Toasts and congratulations are all sounding for you today!
A glass of champagne for you, beauty, is raised!
Birthday greetings to a girl 8 years old
Year after year they fly like this!
Here you are eight and you are so beautiful!
You are so wonderful and everyone says –
The sun is shining in your clear eyes.
What do you wish for this day?
More joy, good luck and happiness,
Meet every morning with a smile
And avoid all misfortunes.
Always respect your elders in everything,
Always study perfectly at school,
Always help your loved ones in everything,
So that good becomes familiar to you.
Happy birthday greetings to the girl’s parents
Parents, today you have a great holiday — your daughter’s birthday! May your girl always be a beauty and a good girl. Let her eyes shine like the sun. Be proud of her. Love you, prosperity, a million opportunities and great achievements!
Birthday greetings to a 9-year-old girl
The girl is already nine years old,
Congratulations, our bunny.
You are not a lyalka in the family for a long time,
But a leading character.

I wish to be a beauty,

A nice girl to grow up.
Like a beautiful, bright flower,
We are all happy to bloom.

Let you be lucky in your studies,

Only get A’s.
For glorious, new discoveries
Open the door to the heart.
Happy birthday greetings to a 1-year-old girl
1 year old! This day
It will be remembered for a lifetime,
Children’s laughter and the first step,
Will be remembered in years.

We wish her everything

To please parents,
Grow up and get prettier,
Be smart and vigilant.

Happiness, joy, love,

To become an excellent student at school,
To grow up a wise girl
And always be sincere!
Birthday greetings to a 10-year-old girl
You are 10 years old today,
And there is no more beautiful holiday.
I wish you to grow up,
Respect your family and friends,

I wish you loyal friends,

Happy life ideas,
Let your dreams come true,
So that you are happy!
Birthday greetings to a 2-year-old girl
We wish, princess, the same laughter,
There are also more cheerful days.
Health, good luck, luck, success,
And more often you always gather guests.

And let this sparkle in the eyes shine,

Always be so beautiful,
And let it be as mom and Dad wish
Your future life will have a way.