Birthday greetings to a 23-year-old girl
There are already successes in life.
Come on, repeat it again.
Let there be even more of them
After all, it’s only 23.

On your birthday, pretty woman,

I want to wish you love,
Bright start, good luck,
Let the excitement boil in the blood.

Embody your desires,

Boldly move towards the dream,
Let her always indicate
A path in pitch darkness.
Birthday greetings to a 24-year-old girl
You are a beautiful girl, like a flower,
May everything be OK in your life.
And 24 is your next birthday,
Let it give a lot of joy, fun.

Take care of your personal happiness,

And my mood is great.
Congratulations to you today,
I wish you good luck with the stars.
Birthday greetings to a 25-year-old girl
25 for you today,
You are young and good,
Let him get it on this holiday
The pleasure of the soul!

Happy birthday, dear!

I can’t count pleasant words,
There are a lot of wishes
There are good ones for you:

And prosperity, and smiles,

And good luck, and dreams,
And I wish you love,
And flowers, and beauty!
Birthday greetings to a 26-year-old girl
Wonderful age: 26!
Young, sweet, decent.
There is already some experience,
Part of life has been lived with dignity!

So let that path be happy,

Which you will go ahead with.
Let adversity pass you by,
Fate will bring good luck.

I congratulate you on this date,

Giving you a bouquet of flowers.
I wish you happiness and wealth,
And very long years!
Birthday greetings to a 27-year-old girl
Celebrating a new birthday,
You have passed 27,
There is not a drop of regret in your eyes,
That you have grown up completely.

Let the career continue,

Health always pleases,
You are an incomparable Venus,
You are endowed with beauty.
Birthday greetings to a 28-year-old girl
28 happy years
You are walking along the road with fate,
Silk herbs let you
She lays right under your feet.

Let love give you fellow travelers,

Let Vera become a friend,
Let hope go with you
And it will never deceive you.

I wish you a happy road

On a clear day or a starry night,
On your birthday, let the heavens
They predict happiness in your fate.
Birthday greetings to a 29-year-old girl
You continue at twenty-nine
Admire the beauty of a maiden,
You don’t know fatigue at all
To conquer men’s hearts.

You shine in the light of your birthday

Full of youthful enthusiasm,
I wish you a long flowering,
And happiness in life forever.
Happy birthday greetings to a 30-year-old girl
30 years is the best anniversary,
Young, handsome,
And of all the others, it looks like
He is the happiest.

Thirty is a new horizon,

30 is a new dream.
Adventure round dance,
Where you are the most beautiful.

Be always irresistible,

Be younger than your years,
Not one more happy
Let’s get a ticket.
Birthday greetings to a 20-year-old girl
Twenty years ago as a baby
You came into this world.
Having grown up, I got bumps,
Having gained experience in life.

You are beautiful, like a princess,

And, like the sun, sweet.
Be healthy and successful,
Let the trouble go around the house.

Let luck walk by,

Let love find you.
Warming with warm light,
May fate not fail.
Birthday greetings to a 21-year-old girl
I wish to cry only from the bow,
I wish to believe and love,
I wish in any weather,
Save your style and image.

I wish you joy and laughter,

And furs in the wardrobe,
So that there is no interference in life,
Happy birthday to you!

I wish you joy, patience,

You are still so young,
You are twenty-one today,
Say hello to childhood!

I also wish you happiness,

Mutual, sincere love,
So that you never give up,
And that
Birthday greetings to a 22-year-old girl
We need to find a prettier girl
It will come out only barely.
Celebrating, our sun,
You’re 22 today.

A sea of sunny smiles,

Adoration of the ocean,
Let the ship of life lead
Your beautiful captain.
Birthday greetings to a girl 18 years old
Today you are 18!
You’re like a lovely flower,
Let the world be a good fairy tale, And life a wonderful song!

Let there be sunrises, sunsets,

Let there be dreams under the moon,
Let there be goodbyes and vows,
Love will be near you!

Let youth be happy,

Fly like a beautiful bird,
Be the most desirable, beautiful,
A mystery for everyone, a charmer…
Birthday greetings to a 13-year-old girl
Bud is opening
Ours, one in a million.
Turns 13 years old
Our beautiful girl!

Be confident

And happy in fate,
Smile openly to everyone,
Go to the goal, don’t give up.

Be an excellent student,

Let the roads open
And on your young birthday
The mood is blooming!
Birthday greetings to a 14-year-old girl
The boys are all crazy about you,
Teachers were conquered by intelligence,
You are good-natured, beautiful, smart.
There are enough forces for all your youth!

Congratulations! 14 years old

There is always only once in life.
There are many brave victories ahead,
Shine brightly like a priceless diamond!
Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old girl
At 15, how beautiful you are.
So we want to wish you.
Be as good as a princess,
So that your soul blooms.

And there are not a few fans,

So that the young men have a fuse in their hearts.
Don’t be cold and arrogant,
Become a queen by all means.

Live life carefully,

And become lucky, it’s possible
Always look for a good way,
And forget about adversity.
Birthday greetings to a 16-year-old girl
Happy birthday, dear!
You have become older again.
Endlessly surprising
You are the radiance of beauty.

Soon you will graduate from school

There is a big life ahead
Be always so cheerful,
Strive for new joys!

And I wish you success in everything,

And miracles and magic!
More joy and laughter
And warmth.
Birthday greetings to a 17-year-old girl
17 years old is great, cool!
You start your holiday soon!
In a bright world, big and beautiful,
Meet only smiles everywhere!

Let there be many good friends,

And you are always lucky,
Gives joy and happiness to the road
To the most important, wonderful dream!
Birthday greetings to a 19-year-old girl
19 is a tender age,
It’s a miracle how good you are.
I wish on my birthday,
That only the soul sang.

So that love is mutual,

Fate is favorable,
So that faith in one’s own strength
She always led along the way.