Congratulations to a girl on her birthday funny funny
You are beautiful and smart,
Charming, slim.
What, what to wish for?
Never lose heart?

Let it rhyme of course,

But why do you need advice?
We’d rather wish,
Only what I could have dreamed of.

Let all sales last

Up to the salary… longer even!
Let your size remain,
Or there will be in the bins.

Depilation – without pain,

On diets – willpower.
Let colleagues be not boring,
And let the work be not difficult.


Happy birthday greetings to the girl funny funny
My sweet beauty,
I congratulate you.
For me, you are like a find,
I will embrace you, loving you.

You are wise in a feminine way, baby,

Charm is innumerable!
You are a wonderful flirt,
And there is also stubbornness.

I’m proud of you, baby.

Glad I’m with you.
Happy as if the boy,
The silhouette of seeing yours.

Dear, don’t change,

Don’t get old and don’t get fat.
And stay forever
My sweet girl!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a girl are cool
I congratulate you
And hug you tight!
I wish to live like in a fairy tale
So that everything goes like clockwork.

Let the holiday be bright,

The party will be hot,
Let it go according to plan,
Everything will pass without flaws.

For a whole year to recharge,

Hanging out, having fun.
So that quickly without effort
All wishes have come true!
Funny birthday greeting to a girl humorous
Well, pretty girl, happy birthday,
Accept congratulations, cutie.
After all, you live with us in Russia,
Let everything be within your power.

Not the time to burn huts

There is another happiness in life,
Let the horses only gallop past
Don’t be strong, honey.

For strength there must be a man,

To protect him without a reason,
To respect, love and cherish –
We wish you such a share!
Birthday greetings prose girl funny
Happy Birthday! Honey, I wish you great female happiness! At least one meter eighty tall, with a higher education (appropriate, not “fake”), with an excellent income, with a beautiful face and a kind soul! And may this happiness of yours love you, appreciate, respect and protect you, never throw socks around, and in the morning make great coffee and breakfast!
Sms birthday greetings to a girl are cool
To have something to wear,
And in front of whom to undress!
Birthday greetings to a colleague girl funny
Well, colleague, congratulations,
Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!
I wish you happiness,
And great success!

Let your holiday be bright,

Let him wait for a lot of joy!
Let nice gifts
This day brings you!

Let your salary grow,

So that the need goes away,
And let it be sweeter than chocolate
There will always be your life!
Happy birthday greetings to the girl funny funny
I don’t want to be banal, but I want to be original.
Therefore, today is a toast
Mine won’t be too simple.

Well, first of all, I wish

There are no men for you.
To lay down in stacks,
To fall asleep, so that money.

Sales, so that here

Were only all year round.
And always yours was the size,
only the esca for example.

I’m the figure now,

Hooked, but not with a fool.
Be always,
Funny birthday greetings to a girl on whatsapp
Let the layout of life be like this:
To always be young soul!
And to give diamonds, silver,
So that everything goes right in your life!
So that you can relax in the Canaries,
I wish you to get a lot of money at work!
Birthday greetings to a young girl are cool
You are worthy of diamonds
And beautiful pearls,
And the best bouquets,
And an abundance of poems!

Respect, attention,

And finance, and love,
So that in tenderness and happiness
Your days were passing!

Let the fate become similar

On a magical wondrous dream,
Happy birthday princess!
May it last long!
Happy birthday greetings to a cool girl friend
Who is the cutest in the world,
All the ruddier and whiter? –
This phrase and more than once
He hears the mirror from us.

Because we are girlfriends,

Mischievous gigglers,
Not a penny for the soul,
We believe in miracles.

On your birthday, you know,

Everyone’s dreams come true!
On horseback I wish the prince
Find it as soon as possible!
Funny birthday greetings to your beloved girl
Sweet, beloved, native,
I congratulate you on the holiday!
From the bottom of my heart, baby, I wish you
To be joyful, without melting happiness.

Laugh, sing and always be beautiful,

Marvel at the world again and again.
Kindness, good luck, positivity!
Happy birthday! You are my love!
Birthday greetings to a married girl are cool
Girlfriend, I wish you
Comfort, tenderness, warmth,
Let love not leave the house
And your life will be bright.

Let the husband be attentive

To your whims and desires.
Live enough and without needs,
Let your world be perfect.

To make everything safe

And the mood was not lost.
Still be inseparable.
Happy birthday to you, girlfriend!
Birthday greetings to a pregnant girl are cool
Happy birthday, honey, congratulations to you,
And I wish you health, endlessly loving,
And for you and the child to be happy forever,
And let a man grow inside his mother!

And I also wish to be beautiful always,

Young and happy, but never the other,
So that you yourself love, and he loved very much,
So that there was joy every day and a carriage!
Short birthday greetings to a girl are cool
I wish you like a pussy
It’s sweet to live with a full bowl,
Be beautiful and fluffy,
Cute, affectionate, fragrant!
Don’t go to the mice in the mink,
And just never stumble!