Congratulations on the birthday of an adult daughter
Happy birthday, our child!
Though, having found freedom,
You came out of diapers,
But for us – still a child!

We are ready to help you,

Let’s say with Dad, loving:
Be happy and healthy,
May the Lord protect you!

Congratulations on my daughter’s birthday to tears
My beloved daughter, the light of my days!
Be always beautiful you are in a circle of friends,
Let your dreams come true with a fairy tale –
And the holiday sparkles again, where you will be!

I wish you all the best generously, from the bottom of my heart

I wish, dear, – only those peaks,
What have you always dreamed of conquering as a child,
Only inspiration to just live!

Let this life become

Congratulations on your daughter’s birthday in your own words
My daughter, my sweet and good girl! Happy birthday, my clever girl, let everything always work out for you! Be always the most joyful, beautiful, live in pleasure, enjoy every day and every moment. And remember that I love you very, very much with all my heart!

Happy birthday greetings to my daughter from my mother
I want to congratulate my dear daughter,
After all, I brought you into the world.
And I sincerely love you alone,
After all, there is no stronger mother of love!

I wish you luck on your birthday

Everywhere, everywhere I followed you,
You easily solve complex problems,
So that you could be proud of yourself!

Congratulations on your daughter’s birthday in prose
Dear daughter, we congratulate you on your birthday! You are the most beloved, dear, adored girl! We wish you the best! Health, sincere love, fulfillment of wishes, loyal and reliable friends, great mood and always radiant and happy eyes! Happiness to you, dear!

Congratulations on the birthday of my 33-year-old daughter
Happy birthday, daughter,
I wish you joy!
33 years old
So live, dreaming.

Be happy, dear,

Live, love, create
All your desires are feasible!
Congratulations on the anniversary to my daughter from my parents
Our dear daughter, on your birthday, let mom and dad wish you all the brightest and most wonderful things on Earth! Let adversity and problems bypass you, let troubles not dare to enter your house, let a faithful friend, your protector and a loved one walk next to you! We wish you not to pay attention to failures, just get up and move on!
Congratulations on the anniversary of my daughter from my mother
My beloved daughter,
Meet the anniversary,
The anniversary figure
Don’t you notice.

To be young

On any ten,
I will teach you
Play hide-and-seek with the years.

You are in your soul

Keep your youth,
Laugh, smile,
And love yourself.

Let everything be with you

In life, daughter, it will work out,
Happiness on the anniversary
will multiply 10 times.
Original congratulations to my daughter for the anniversary
Daughter, you are our pride,
In the whole world there is no you more expensive and more beautiful,
Let your dreams come true,
And the angel protects your destiny,
Let every day be beautiful,
And your life path will be clear!
Congratulations on the anniversary of my daughter from dad
There is a princess in my life,
I gave her my heart a long time ago.
Fell at the mercy of her gaze,
As I took it from the maternity hospital.

Happy anniversary,

My daughter loves you.
I want to get prettier,
Every year, day by day.

Whatever happens in life,

Know that Dad’s shoulder.
It is always near and reliable
It will protect you.
Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of my daughter
20 years to you today, congratulations,
Health and good luck, daughter, we wish,
Let the dream come true by all means,
Let you be lucky in everything, always.

We also wish you from the bottom of our hearts,

To always be a hostess in your destiny,
Let spring always sing in your soul,
Let life be like spring water.
Congratulations to my daughter on her anniversary on Viber
I wish you happiness and worthy love,
So that all your years flow calmly!
Friends to be respected and appreciated,
And everyone around you always loved you!

Dear daughter, I want to congratulate you,

On your anniversary, and add joy,
And happiness let for many years
It will be with you, forever!
Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of my daughter
25 is a wonderful age.
And not a lot and not a little,
For love and for work
Just the beginning…

The way of life is difficult or simple –

It is not given to measure it.
So meet your fate in height,
And not on your knees.

We wish you happiness and kindness,

We wish you a full life,
We wish you joy in the morning
Until late at night.
Congratulations on the anniversary of my daughter in prose
It was like a bright star lit up life when our little princess was born. And no matter how many years have passed, your charming smile and a kind child’s look with the same bright star will illuminate happiness, peace and joy. Dear daughter, let always, as today, you are surrounded only by people dear to your heart, only kind and happy faces, only faith, luck, love. Happy anniversary, with
Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of my daughter
Happy 30th birthday, daughter!
Live only the way you want,
In the shower, wait for a happy bell,
So that you can move towards your dream with love!

So that there is no sadness in your heart,

You take care of love, keep success!
Let there be confidence in business to begin with,
So that there are no hindrances there!
Congratulations on your daughter’s anniversary in your own words
Daughter, happy anniversary! My dear, I wish you to live easily, laugh sincerely, dream boldly and fly with a sense of happiness. May this holiday become for you a happy ticket to a life full of vivid impressions, good luck and prosperity!
Congratulations on the 35th anniversary of my daughter
My beloved daughter, congratulations on your 35th birthday. May your dreams come true, and your cherished desires come true, may bright stars illuminate your way of life at night, and the radiant sun during the day, I wish you confidence and strength, lasting beauty and charm, strong love and happiness, joy and success.
Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of my daughter
Dear daughter,
Cute angel.
You have today,
The first anniversary.

Sweets, gifts,

Dolls, hares, bears.
Whatever you want,
For you, baby.

Be always happy,

Smiling often.
To make your life seem like a fairy tale.
Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of my daughter
40 years old beloved daughter,
Congratulations from me.
Become even more beautiful,
Good day by day.

I wish, dear,

To be lucky,
Adored, beloved,
Let fate spoil you.

Don’t get sick and be successful,

I’m always proud of you.
You are smart, charismatic,
Be happy, my angel.
Congratulations to my daughter on the 50th anniversary
My beloved daughter,
My star.
Congratulations with joy
Happy big day to you.

Celebrating, gold,

You are your anniversary.
Let fate give
Many bright days.

Be healthy, honey,

And always bloom.
Women’s years will be incomparable