Happy birthday greetings to my daughter from my parents in my own words
Our beloved daughter! Today, when we celebrate your birthday, we want to congratulate you as sincerely and affectionately as only parents who love you with all their hearts can congratulate you. You are still at an age when the whole world is open to you, all roads are open. And you still dream and decide which one to choose. And whatever road you choose, we wish you the fulfillment of
Happy birthday greetings to my daughter from my mother in her own words
My dear daughter, my heart, I am happy to congratulate you on the day of your birth! How the years have flown by in an instant since you, our desired child, were born. I still remember the day when, for the first time, with tears in my eyes, I pressed this lump of happiness to my chest. I wish you to experience this incredible universal joy of the birth of
Happy birthday greetings to my daughter from the family in their own words
Our beloved daughter, with great joy in our heart, we congratulate you on your next birthday. Dad and I are very proud of you and wish you to continue to always please us with your successes. Remember that we live by you and your joys, and together with you we experience your hardships. Let luck accompany you in everything, and failures happen as rarely as possible, and only in order
Sincere congratulations to my daughter on her birthday in her own words
My beloved, my dear daughter! Over the years, you have grown up and become an independent, responsible, purposeful and reasonable person. Your formation as a person cannot but delight us, your parents. We are proud of you. We wish you to preserve and increase your consciousness, responsibility and reasonableness. We wish you never to forget the good and joyful moments, and to erase unpleasant twists of fate from your memory
Congratulations to my daughter on her birthday from dad in her own words
Dear and beloved, my daughter! I know that you are not only beautiful, but also a very smart girl. The efforts you have made this year to achieve good results have exceeded all expectations, and you have done better than anyone expected! I want to wish you to be as purposeful, persistent and conscious in everything. Do not lose optimism because without it it will be very difficult to overcome
Congratulations to your beloved daughter on her birthday in her own words
Congratulations to the sweet, beloved, dearest daughter today! On your birthday, my sunshine, I wish you great luck, pleasant events, loyal friends, good prosperity, wisdom, beauty, warmth and kindness! May everything that you have set for yourself as a goal come true, and may the generous fate be kind to you!
Tender congratulations to my daughter on her birthday in her own words
My daughter! My nice, good girl, congratulations on your birthday! Wishes are the best: may your life always be fun and colorful, let only good events happen in it. May success, love and hope become good companions for you, and may your faith give you strength and patience in difficulties. Be very happy, my beloved!
Sincere congratulations to my daughter on her birthday in her own words
Dear daughter, happy birthday! Today I wish you from the heart, warmly, sincerely and with warmth, so that everything works out for you, all your dreams come true without making you wait long, and all the people close to you were with you! Be happy, loved, desired. May your fate be like an eternal holiday, light, bright and infinitely happy!
Congratulations to an adult daughter on her birthday in her own words
Our clear sun, our singing bird, rose petal, daughter! I want to call you affectionate words, despite the fact that you are no longer small! After all, for parents, the age of the child does not matter, and for us you will always remain a naive baby with pink bows! Happy Birthday, our sweet girl! Gentle, affectionate, responsive, kind, cheerful, obedient! This is how you were as a child, and
Congratulations in your own words happy birthday to your daughter to tears
When you were born, daughter, I realized that fate thanked me for something very good and kind! A gift from God, the meaning of my life, the joy of my soul, the love of my heart, the joy of my eyes! How much happiness I dreamed of at once! My daughter, you are a miracle of miracles, you are perfection, you are a treasure! I love you and congratulate you
Congratulations to a young daughter on her birthday in her own words
My daughter, happy birthday! How proud I am of how the best feminine traits, such as tenderness, kindness, charm and femininity manifest in you! I am sure that soon you will find your prince who will be able to appreciate your outstanding qualities!
Short congratulations to my daughter on her birthday in her own words
Daughter, we wish you to always remain the same purposeful, never abandon the planned path, find solutions even in the most peculiar situations and then fate will reward you for perseverance.
Beautiful birthday greetings to your daughter in your own words
My beloved daughter! I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – your birthday! I embrace you tenderly and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best in life! It is difficult to find words to express the trembling parental feelings that I feel for you. You are to me like a light in a window, like a ray of hope, the meaning of my life. On
Touching birthday greetings to your daughter in your own words
My precious daughter! I still perfectly remember the day when you were just born, then life for me was played with new colors. I know, believe and hope that you will grow up to be a beautiful, wise and gifted girl, that you will have the desire and strength to find your own way in this life, to find an interesting and useful occupation for yourself. And you will definitely
Beautiful birthday greetings to your daughter in your own words
Dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you clear and cloudless days. May your life be filled with pleasant little things, kind people and happy moments! Let everything you have in mind, what you dream about – everything will come true. Be always in a great mood, experience exclusively positive emotions. Be happy!