Congratulations on the 60th anniversary to a friend
Naturally, you are not ideal,
Not a young and brave knight,
But sixty years changed
You are not a trifle. It is important.
You didn’t betray a woman
All these years, that’s for sure.
I helped her with the housework,
And there was a strong family union.
I’ve always been gentle with my friends,
I firmly believed in holy friendship,
And no matter how the trouble shook,
Luck was measured by this yardstick.
I have always been honest with myself,
And he knew
Congratulating a friend on his anniversary in verse
My friend, our kind, glorious hero,
I always stand by you like a mountain,
You are my brother in spirit and in heart,
I am always glad to help you in everything!

I want to be as strong as steel,

You have achieved your goal and you have become a director,
I was in a great mood – one hundred percent,
There was comfort and kindness around you!

I wish you to get rich on your

Congratulations to a friend on the anniversary in prose
Happy anniversary, my friend! I wish you to remain the same humane, sincere, kind. Let only good people meet on your life path, and evil bypasses. May luck accompany you in everything, and every undertaking ends with success. May love always live in your heart. And, of course, lion health to you and fortitude!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a friend
Happy anniversary, my friend.
You’re really cool!
And I want to wish,
You will continue to thrive.

Be healthy and happy.

Love yourself and be loved.
Never lose heart,
Surprise with positivity.

Let for this new year

Your capital will increase.
May it be enough for you
And to the cottage, and the car.

In general, you can live without troubles

Many, many long years!
Congratulations to a friend on the 30th anniversary
Happy 30th anniversary, congratulations from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you all the best, be happy you,
Let the cheerful mood does not leave you,
And always pleasant news surprises.

Great victories to you, friend, joy and happiness,

So that bad weather will leave you forever,
I wish you mutual love, good luck, warmth,
Happy meetings, good luck and kindness.
Congratulations on the anniversary to a family friend
Happy anniversary congratulations
We are you, our dear friend.
Was with the family in moments of happiness,
Did not leave during storms.

We wish you to be healthy

And to find happiness in life,
Aspires to new horizons
And never lose heart.

Let wishes come true,

Let the trouble go around the house,
You wish to take place
In any case, the whole family.
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary to a friend
55 is a wonderful age,
There are many plans and achievements ahead,
You are pleasantly surprised by your enthusiasm,
God grant that all your dreams come true.

Let the spring of your soul beat,

Be always in great shape you,
Let the good angel protect you,
So that things always go smoothly.
Congratulations to a good friend on the anniversary
Friend, buddy, congratulations,
Happy anniversary, from the heart,
Happiness, joy, health,
Let your dreams come true!

In the garage, let a dozen,

Cars are expensive,
Let there be prosperity in the house,
There is a treasure buried in the garden.

Let there be diamonds, gold,

Let the half in furs,
In general, you live richly,
In reality, not in dreams!
Congratulations to a friend on the 35th anniversary
Your age means only one thing:
You care about your life,
You, my friend, still have a lot to do in life,
After thirty-five, your life will boil over!

And let her be the fountain of good luck,

May fate reward you in full,
And don’t let your nerves be on edge,
And may you be lucky in any difficult case!
Comic congratulations to a friend on the anniversary
I want to congratulate my dear friend on his anniversary,
Let any mountain always be on your shoulder,
Have a good fishing trip, always have beer at hand,
So that a million bucks is always with you!

The management at work was enough for you,

For a business meeting to go easily and freely,
I wish you the strongest health and love,
Happy holiday, my friend, congratulations again!
A short congratulations to a friend on the anniversary
To eat and sleep,
For three to drink,
To want and could,
So that luck does not end,
About the good to dream about,
To make it work,
Well, everything always came true.
A short birthday greeting to a friend in your own words
Let everything be in your life – work, prosperity, love and carefree fun! Happy holidays!
Funny birthday greeting for your best friend
My best friend, I boldly love you
I can also call you brother.
And since we have such a case,
I will congratulate you!

Today is your birthday,

Today we will celebrate.
We’ll have fun with you –
The neighbors will scold us.

For all the years, for all the time

You didn’t betray me.
We both carried this burden –
We were friends, to spite the enemies.

I wish you happiness in your personal life,

Don’t know about the
Happy birthday greetings to a friend on Viber in prose
I congratulate you, my friend, on your birthday! I wish you money in all your pockets and health in all your organs! And also a car to your liking, a girl to your heart, an exciting job with the salary of the president, reliable friends, a great mood and a mountain of luck!
Beautiful birthday greetings from a friend from the heart
We have overcome too much with you,
And we have experienced so much in life,
And here to congratulate you on your birthday,
My honorable time has come!

You know how to make decisions,

Be strong, persistent in different situations,
A person cannot have many friends, but the best ones can be counted on the fingers.

Let life give you a surprise,

And you will find everything you dream of.
True love will be mutual,
Good luck, you’ll
Happy birthday greetings to a friend in the army in verse
May the birthday be yours, soldier,
It will pass calmly and carelessly,
Don’t be sad about home, brother,
After all, service is not forever!

To open the heart to happiness,

You smile on your holiday!
Everything will come true, what was dreamed of,
When you come home!
Sms congratulations to a friend on his birthday in his own words
From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you all the best – to go forward, strive for your goals, love and be loved!
Vulgar birthday greetings to a friend are funny
What the fuck are the ideals
And this fucking morality,
I wish that you were given,
Girls everything when you wanted.

In pi*do let the ideas roll,

I wish all moralists, cranks,
that friends buzz,
And the house is full of fun.

Not to bother you

And the rest of the crap,
You to her, asshole, to begin with,
Gan * he zae* any dress.
WhatsApp birthday greetings to a friend in prose
Happy Birthday to the most positive person I know! May your life always be straight and without convolutions, so that all desires turn into reality without much effort, so that the people who surround you are reliable and real!
A beautiful birthday greeting from a friend in verse
Let the whole world fall at your feet,
On a wonderful holiday – birthday,
Only bright dreams will have a place in it
And incomparable moments of awakening.

Let there be a place for miracles in life,

A magical fairy tale and beautiful feelings.
You don’t pay attention to those hurrying hours,
A running course of wild madness.

Let the invisible smile in the distance.

Crazy hope, a sea of surprises.
Let those years float like cranes –