Tatar congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a man
congratulations to a man on his 50th birthday! You, having climbed the steps of life, lived to be 50 years old. You, as a steppe archer, foresaw a lot, had a premonition, as a brother, came to the rescue, took us under your wing, protecting us from injustice. Thank you. They say: “a man is a grain field, a woman is a piece of bread.” Together with the “clutch” that
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of a woman in the Tatar language
congratulations to a woman on her 50th birthday! Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! Half a century is as much as it is not. And there have been a lot of hard days in your life. Samada, flexible, not lost. She was a wonderful mother. On this day, you worked without asking the Nightingale for a body, and were silent, and did not break like a lonely tree. You’re going on
Congratulations in Tatar on the 60th anniversary
you are celebrating your big anniversary today — 60 years. At this moment of nature, as if wishing to add beauty to sad eyes, you were born half a century ago and delighted all your relatives. And today, our dear man, you give joy to others, both to the elder and the younger, you are a kind person and an authoritative adviser, therefore you have earned great respect. And may
Congratulations on the 55th anniversary in the Tatar language
don’t rush to get old! Let the passion of life burn in the heart, let the pink dawns light up for joy. May each new day bring happiness, may the dawns born always be bright, and the sky be clear. Always smile and make people happy! We sincerely congratulate you on a great holiday — the 55th anniversary. We wish you good health, peace of mind, family comfort, carefree days,
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary in the Tatar language
in your life, you have seen a lot, learned a lot, experienced a lot, but you have not aged, you have not turned yellow. Today is a very joyful day for us. 65 years is only one period when a man has accumulated life experience. Congratulations on your 65th birthday!
Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of a woman in the Tatar language
as water flows, years pass,
it is impossible to stop time.
Birthdays are held every year
bringing old age closer to us.
60 years of life
Live on the moon for another sixty!