Happy birthday greetings to a 10-year-old boy
We have come to congratulate you,
Here we have brought gifts.
We will celebrate your anniversary,
We’ll declassify all the secrets.

We will give you cars,

So that you can press the pedals,
After all, you are a top-class boy,
And you have surprised us more than once.

Grow up just as curious,

And sometimes covered in mystery.
Let courage and bravery be near,
After all, a real man really needs it.
Happy birthday greetings to a 16-year-old boy
You’re 16! You strive
To cover everything, to have time everywhere.
And you’re not afraid of anything.
I wish you to be able to do everything –

To achieve a resounding success, to live with dignity and beauty.

I wish you love, kindness and laughter.
Cherish family, relatives!
Funny birthday greetings to the boy
Grow like Batman, agile, strong.
And help Mom and Dad.
To make the school diary beautiful,
Go to the dream – don’t back down!

Your birthday is an important holiday,

Today, sing, frolic, dance
And be the first participant in the games!
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts!
Happy birthday greetings to a boy 18 years old
You’re eighteen today!
This is just a start in a big way,
And it is necessary to try hard,
To pass it to the end!
So let this be a difficult journey
Success accompanies you!
Warmth to you, kindness and light,
There are fewer obstacles and hindrances!
And happiness without end and edge
And the fulfillment of dreams,
We wish you today,
Health, faith, beauty!
Happy birthday greetings to the boy in your own words
With a special feeling on your birthday, I want to wish you happy years, joy, health, victories and success at school! I wish you that everything will come true, that the wings of glory will find you, and your name will be among the great figures of the whole Earth!
Happy birthday greetings to a 17-year-old boy
Seventeen is a very nice age,
You are young, strong and full of strength,
I wish you to see,
More prospects in life.

Make friends desperately and faithfully,

Set goals and go ahead,
May every day be an opening for you,
Kid, he’s bringing new ones.
Happy birthday to the boy in verse
Happy birthday, dear boy!
The best and most beautiful,
The kindest, smartest, modest,
And sometimes – restless!
May you always be lucky –
And on the birthday, and the whole year,
Let them give heaps of gifts,
After all, you are the best!
Sms birthday greetings to the boy
Dear boy, congratulations,
On your wonderful birthday,
Let the wizard fulfill your wishes,
Be always in a great mood.
Beautiful birthday greetings to the boy
Pour juice into glasses,
And in the kitchen they cut the cake,
Mom is fussing about something,
Dad is walking, he is proud of his son.
Because it’s a birthday
You have today, friend!
And gifts, congratulations!
Everyone is having fun around!
Treat your friends to a cake,
Once they came to you,
And today it will be possible,
What is not possible on other days.
You can jump on the bed!
You can sing songs!
You can wear a pink dress
To dress a
Children’s birthday greetings for a boy
On the day of jam, we wish
Infinite goodness,
That all your dreams
They were performed with a bang,
So that there would always be an aspiration
Develop, win,
There was a sea of hobbies,
So as not to be bored at all,
Our boy, let everything happen,
Everything will be as you want,
Let all the best happen,
And dreams come true!
Happy birthday greetings to the boy’s mother
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
Happy birthday to my son!
Let it grow, for the happiness of all,
Smart and handsome.

Let them always please

All his successes.
Let them step out of the way
Different interference.

Understanding let

It will be between you,
And the warmth of the soul
It won’t pass over the years.
Happy birthday greetings to a boy friend
It’s nice to congratulate you on your birthday,
Today the program has only entertainment!
So laugh, dance, have fun until morning,
Once a year comes such a time!
And tomorrow everything will be as it should be again,
Live interestingly, actively and amicably:
With friends, with family, with everyone in the world,
Find your happiness on this planet!
Birthday greetings to a 1-year-old boy
Toddler native, beloved,
Happy birthday, baby,
Be obedient, kind, sweet,
Fast, brave, like a swift!

Listen to Dad and mom firmly,

Be healthy, big,
Eat porridge sweetly in the morning,
So that you have enough strength for everything!
Short birthday greetings to the boy
We are in a hurry to congratulate you on the holiday!
We wish, when you grow up big,
To be the strongest, the bravest,
To buy everything in the world for yourself,
But remember – to make all dreams come true,
You must remain obedient!
Happy birthday greetings to the football player boy
The best football player,
Happy birthday to you.
I always get into the goal,
I want to score goals.

And always in his team,

You’re in good standing.
You win victories,
Fulfill people’s dream!
Birthday greetings to a boy in prose
Happy birthday to you, our little man! Be always kind, caring, obedient, healthy! Let only loving people and reliable friends be near you in your life, please your relatives with beautiful deeds and your victories, and all wishes are magically fulfilled!
Happy birthday greetings to a teenage boy
There are many different roads ahead of you,
And obstacles, and difficult tasks.
I want you to get stronger and could easily
To come out of all trials with honor.
On your birthday, I wish you, dear,
Become a brave and courageous man!
I adore, love and am proud of you.
Be with money always and with the car!
Happy birthday greetings to the boy
You are already __ years old
That’s great! Just great!
Let dreams come true,
Everything will be super, just like now!
You have all the gifts today!
Come off in full on the holiday!
Have wonderful days, bright events,
Live, learn and have fun!
Happy birthday greetings to a 2-year-old boy
You know, the boy is nice,
Today is not an easy day,
He’s magical, he’s special –
It’s your birthday.

Two years have already passed,

How you were born into the world.
We wish you happiness
And confident victories.

And for parents patience,

Wisdom, great love,
To have a relationship with my son
They only brought you joy.
Happy birthday greetings to a boy 11 years old
You’re eleven, smile soon,
Have fun on your birthday!
Let life always be happy
And gives joy every moment!

I wish you a bright, colorful childhood,

And only radiant, clear days,
Toys, a delicious, big cake,
And many wonderful friends!