Congratulations to the boss on his 65th birthday in verse

On the sixty-fifth anniversary

Please accept our congratulations,
Not as from colleagues, but as friends,
Filled with kindness and respect.

We wish you great victories,

Health, strength, good luck, optimism,
So that a bright light illuminates you with happiness,
And he led forward confidently through life.

To be at home, at work every day

My joy has opened the doors to you,
Prosperity was not too lazy to go to you,
You have become even more successful in your
Happy birthday greetings to the boss man are cool
Our boss, you are such a cool person,
You’re even more spectacular than Luc Besson.
In order not to look too corny,
We decided to congratulate you in an original way.

Love you a huge wine barrel,

And in “Forbes” — a separate bold line.
And a wheelbarrow in the entire configuration of the “lux”,
And so that the secretary did not get caught by the “kuksa”.

So that customers are always happy,

Sms birthday greetings to a man prose
Happy Birthday! I wish you to remain a model of courage and perseverance, to live actively, to love, to be loved and always achieve your goal!
Sms birthday greetings to a man in your own words
I wish to create my life like a great artist creates a picture… Creating a shade, colors and background of the general situation with one stroke! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday greetings to the male boss are short
We wish you mountains of good luck,
We wish you a lot of good,
So that the work you live in,
Only brought happiness to fate!
Birthday greetings to a man’s boss in verse
Happy birthday to you, Chief,
We are in a hurry to congratulate,
The best boss
It’s hard to imagine.

We draw a portrait in three words –

Fair, harsh and strict,
You are for us, for subordinates
At work – just God.

We wish you good luck,

New achievements,
To make you happy,
And always healthy.
Funny words of birthday greetings to a man
I hasten to congratulate a real man on his birthday: brutal, initiative, generous and reliable. You are not just the best, you are the dream of all women without exception. It’s quiet, cozy and reliable next to you.
Official congratulations to a man on his birthday in prose
Our entire team wishes you a happy birthday! Please accept the kindest and sincere wishes from us! We join all the important words that are being addressed to you today. Your professionalism, dedication, responsible attitude to colleagues and clients, high work capacity and creativity make you a very valuable and irreplaceable employee. We wish you good health, spiritual harmony and optimism, both at work and in life. Good luck and
Original words of birthday greetings to a man
Dear man! I congratulate you on your birthday! May you always be surrounded by loyal friends, may difficulties be easily overcome, may there always be joy and fun in the house! I also wish you good health and always a good mood. Happy Birthday! You have everything you need for happiness! And today is a great day to make happiness itself yours! I want to wish that life never ends,
A short birthday greeting to your beloved man
I don’t want to sound boring today,
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, dear!
I will give you love silently
Whole, infinite, unearthly!
Funny birthday greetings to a man in verse
May your birthday be bright,
And bring you luck,
A mountain of gifts, congratulations,
And a sea of joyful phenomena!
Let your friends please you,
The family is not far behind them,
And you, of course, be strong,
Reasonable, bold and stable!
Let your every successful move
You will be pushed forward,
Let your dreams come true,
And you will be happy in life!
Congratulations to a young man on his birthday funny
Happy birthday congratulations!
The blessings in all of you are earthly,
Wish fulfillment
And gold coins!

Let the fountains of mood

So they splash over the edge,
So that every moment
It turned only into paradise!

You’re a great, kind guy,

Live for decades,
Let your eyes sparkle,
Emitting a bright light!
Good prose congratulations on a man’s birthday
Happy Birthday, strong, caring, kind, intelligent conqueror of high peaks! I wish the Health of the stallion, The Strength of the Lion, The Speed of the cheetah, The Loyalty of the wolf! Be happy!
Happy birthday to a man good words
I would like to wish you that the girls around you always perceive you as a knight on a white Mercedes. The worst thing is indifference, so we wish that you evoke vivid emotions in people, for women the ideal of a man, and for men – the object of envy. We wish you to have fights only with luck, and only money attacked, and in both cases you could
Touching short birthday greetings to a man
I am in a hurry to congratulate you on your birthday,
So that you feel the holiday in the morning!
Believe in your power, magic:
It’s time to make wishes!

Let them come true, as you wanted,

Paint life in beautiful colors,
Let all your affairs go uphill
And let the soul be full of happiness!
Touching birthday greetings to a man in verse
No one is ever sorry for the year,
Does not spare, time will not pass,
Only the support of relatives will always be eternal,
How the sprout nourishes the seed.

On your birthday I am writing congratulations

And I wish to always live in happiness,
The wisdom of life is simple, and I will tell you:
In this world, everything is in our power!
Happy birthday greetings to a fisherman man are cool
I wish you a stronger fishing rod,
So that the fishing line is strong.
So that the fish, grabbing the bait,
I couldn’t part with her.

I wish my native hobby

Fed everyone, not the cat.
I wish to catch it one day
A chest made of gold-silver!
Comic prose happy birthday to a man congratulations
In order not to have time to think about age, I wish to fill my life with the following moments: spontaneous bouts of happiness and joy, floods of love and romance, a series of successes and even greater successes! Let all things go smoothly, like snow under a penguin’s booty, and any obstacles stumble over you! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday greetings to a man in simple words
happy Birthday! The main thing is to believe in yourself and your dream. I wish you good health and royal wealth!
Short birthday greetings to the male director
Let everyone who knows respect
And love everyone, without exception!
Let them only bring joy
Gifts, meetings, congratulations!